Yoga Session: To keep the body active, practice yoga like this, energy will remain throughout the day


Keep in mind that while doing yoga, the back and neck should be straight.
At the time of yoga, pay special attention to your incoming breath.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : Regular yoga practice helps in keeping the body full of energy and keeping all the organs active. If you are not able to do difficult yoga, then with the help of subtle yoga, you can keep yourself healthy and fit. Today in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav (Savita Yadav) practiced some such yogas, with the help of which you can keep your body active and fit.

Start yoga like this

Note: Lay a mat and sit on it in Padmasana posture. Now close the eyes while making a meditation posture and try to concentrate the mind by uttering the word ‘Om’. Try to concentrate on your breathing. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

Subtle practice: Straighten your legs forward on the mat and walk the toes back and forth. By doing this, pain in the ankles is cured. Do this 20 times. Now while inhaling and exhaling, rotate the claws around. Now open and close the fingers of the toes 20 times.

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Practice Padmasana like this:Keep one leg open straight ahead and bend the other leg and hold it well with the hand and keep it in the lap. Now stay in this posture. Now move this leg lightly to the left and right. Now lift the leg and hold it. By doing this, there will be a strain in the thighs and feet. Now do the same exercise with the other leg. Now place the toe of the same foot on the thigh and with the other hand lift the knee once and touch the ground once. Do this 10 times. Now apply Padmasana.

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Butterfly Asana Practice: Put both the toes of the feet together and hold them by interlocking with both the hands. In this posture, your knees will remain outside. Make sure that your waist and neck are straight. Now touch the knees on the ground once and then try to lift them. You do this 20 times. Now stretch the legs towards the ground and keep the back and waist straight. Keep doing this till the count of 20. Then relax. You can watch the full exercise on the video link.

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