WTC Final: England’s ‘baseball’ knocks Pakistan out of Test Championship, now three strong contenders including India

The three-match Test series between Pakistan and England is over. England beat Pakistan 3-0 at home and sweep the series. This is the first time that the Pakistan team has lost all the matches in the three-match Test series at home. With this defeat of Pakistan, his dream of playing in the final of the World Test Championship is almost over. Now it is almost certain that Australia will play the final. At the same time, there is a close fight between India and South Africa for the second position.

Formally, six teams remain in the race for the final of the Test Championship. However, the road to the finals is extremely difficult for four of these teams. Apart from winning their remaining matches, they will also have to depend on the results of matches between other teams. Here we are telling what are the equations for the final of the World Test Championship for all the teams.


Australia’s team is at the first place in the points table of the World Test Championship with 76.92 percent marks and it is almost certain that this team will play the final. The Kangaroo team, which registered a resounding victory in the first Test against South Africa, has to play two more matches in this series. The Australian team will try to win both these matches. After this, this team has to play four Test matches in India. However, even before this series, Australia can secure its place in the final.


India has 55.77 percentage points and this team is in second place in the points table of the World Test Championship. India has recently defeated Bangladesh and has to play its second match against this team. After this India will play a four test series with Australia. Team India is a contender to win all these five matches. However, even if they do not win all the matches in the series against Australia, India will easily reach the final. If India wins four out of five matches, then it is certain to play the final.

South Africa

South Africa has 54.55 per cent marks. This team is third in the points table and is the third biggest contender to play the final. South Africa has to play two test matches against Australia. Recently, the African team has lost the first match of the series here and now winning the remaining two matches will also be a big challenge for South Africa. After this, this team will play two Tests from the West Indies in their home. South Africa can easily win both these matches, but losing against Australia will make the road to the final difficult for South Africa.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s team is fourth in the points table with 53.33 per cent marks. This team can win all their matches and get 61.11 percent points and play the final of the Test Championship, but it will not be easy for Sri Lanka. This team now has only two matches to play and both these matches are against New Zealand on its own ground. In such a situation, it will be very difficult for the Sri Lankan team to win any Test match on Kiwi soil.

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