Worried about sweating excessively? Know its reason and remedy

Reason Of Excessive SweatingMany people have to worry about sweating. Sweating is a natural process that works to remove toxins from inside the body. However, some people sweat a lot, which causes them a lot of trouble. Although sweating is considered beneficial for health, but when you start sweating more then it can also be a sign of your poor health or some disease. Today we will tell you what can be the reasons for excessive sweating and how it can be reduced.

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According to Mayo Clinic Sometimes excessive sweating can be due to hyperhidrosis. The sweat glands of people suffering from this disease become more active. For this reason, the hands and feet of these people start sweating. If a person is suffering from secondary hyperhidrosis, then he may have diseases like increased sugar, low blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. Apart from this, due to stress, there can be a lot of sweating in the body. Excessive sweating can occur even if you take many types of medicines in excess. Menopause, obesity can also cause excessive sweating.

If there is sweat on the face then do this work
If your face sweats a lot, then you should avoid going to very hot places and use sunscreen on the face while going to such places. To remove the problem of excessive sweating on the face, using tomato juice is very beneficial. By using it, the pores on your face are closed and sweating is reduced.

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Lemon, salt solution is beneficial
If you are troubled by sweating, then wear such clothes through which the skin can breathe. Also drinking lemon water will benefit you. Lemon and salt solution helps in maintaining electrolyte balance. Due to sweating, there is a lack of salt in the body, in such a situation, drinking lemon and salt in cold water will give relief in the problem of excessive sweating.

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