Will Pakistan come to India for ODI World Cup or not? New PCB chairman replied


The new chairman of PCB said a big thing on India-Pakistan cricket relations
Pakistan team will come to India or not? Answered on this too

new Delhi. Since the refusal of BCCI Secretary Jai Shah to play Asia Cup in Pakistan, there has been a continuous rhetoric between the two countries about playing cricket at each other’s place. Rameez Raja, who was recently removed from the post of PCB chairman, had even said that if India does not come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, then his team will also not go to India for the ODI World Cup. Now the new chairman Najam Sethi has spoken on this issue. Will Pakistan team go to India to play ODI World Cup next year or not? On this, Sethi has put the ball in the court of the Government of Pakistan. He said that the Pakistan government will decide on this.

Responding to former PCB chairman Rameez Raja’s threat that if India does not come to play the Asia Cup, we will also not go there to play the World Cup, Najam Sethi said that if the Pakistan government tells us that you do not want to go to India , then we will not go. He said this in a press conference in Karachi.

We will not go to India if Pak government refuses: Sethi
Najam Sethi said, ‘As far as India-Pakistan relations are concerned, it is absolutely clear. The decision whether to play amongst ourselves or not to tour India is always a decision taken at the whole level. PCB can only seek clarity from the government on this.

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Sethi said he would be in touch with the Asian Cricket Council on the issue of the Asia Cup, which Pakistan is going to host next year. He said that I will see what is the situation and then move forward. Whatever decision we take, we have to make sure that we are not isolated. Significantly, Pakistan has got the hosting of Asia Cup 2023 and BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has already refused to go to Pakistan for this and he had talked about organizing it at neutral venue.

Sethi also said that he or the PCB had no objection if Raja decided to return to the commentary box. I have immense respect for Rameez and we will never oppose his return to the commentary box.

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