Why have balloons become a point of contention between the two Korean countries?

A few days ago, sending Covid-19 Medicines through Balloons were sent to North Korea through balloons at least three times from South Korea. This activity has created a dispute between the two countries. The dictatorial rulers of North Korea have alleged that due to these activities, the Kovid-19 epidemic is spreading in North Korea. At the same time, the rebels of North Korea based in South Korea have also rejected these allegations. The series of allegations and counter-allegations shows that the matter is not only about delivering the medicine of Kovid-19.

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This dispute seems to be part of the already ongoing tension between the two countries instead of trying to fight the epidemic with Kovid-19. This is now also affecting the ongoing campaign for the integration of both the countries. In this matter, the Seoul government is avoiding direct interference, but the way North Korea has objected.

dismiss the charges
It remains to be seen how Seoul deals with this. In the report of DW, the founder of Fighters Fighting for a Free North Korea says that Pyongyang’s claim that these drugs are causing the Kovid epidemic in North Korea is absolutely nonsense. According to him, this is only an attempt to divert people’s attention from the failure and incompetence of the North Korean regime to deal with the epidemic.

Covid cases in North Korea
North Korean officials accepted the first case of Kovid in the country on 12 May. This case comes two years after the borders of North and South Korea were sealed due to the spread of Kovid-19 in the world. Since then 2.5 crore cases have been reported, although some patients were officially declared COVID positive.

North Korea sealed its borders two years ago after the outbreak of the Kovid epidemic. (symbolic photo: shutterstock)

new cases and deaths
On May 19, the state media reported that 262,270 new cases of unknown fever have been reported, in which one has also died, taking the official death toll to 63. Till May 15, 240459 patients were treated with a virus in Pyongyang itself. Which was 7 percent of the city’s population.

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source of epidemic
Pyongyang says that since the end of April, 47.7 lakh fever patients (99.98 percent) have fully recovered. On July 1, North Korean officials announced that they had traced the source of the epidemic. It is a small village named Ifo-ri, located 10 kilometers north of the demilitarized zone of the Korean Peninsula.

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There have been reports of rapid increase in Kovid-19 infection in North Korea in the last two months. (symbolic photo: shutterstock)

Infection with balloons?
North Korea’s media says that the cause of the spread of the Kovid-19 epidemic in the country is a stranger from the south that landed near the southern border. Spread from a child who came in contact with those objects near the border. The strangers are believed to be balloons sent from across the border to the south.

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While experts say balloons can’t spread the epidemic, 54-year-old Park Sang Haq, founder of Fitters for a Free North Korea and who fled the North 22 years ago, says he didn’t send balloons before April, but now they Will send more such balloons. Along with medicines, these balloons also had face masks and pamphlets containing information about the virus in North Korea. In these pamphlets, dictator Kim Jong Un was criticized. Park says that they are trying to bring the truth of the epidemic in North Korea to the people.

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