Which is the best Power Backup Solution for Lift?

Today, from schools, colleges to commercial buildings are being built in the country, there is definitely a provision of lift in it as a modern facility. Because it saves people’s time, it also gets rid of many physical problems. Today, generators are used in almost 90 percent of buildings as a power backup solution for elevators in buildings. Apart from this, many people take UPS online. At the same time, lifts are installed in many buildings from 3 to 5 floors, but they do not have any power backup solution. In such a situation, if the power goes out, then there is a fear of getting stuck.

what is the remedy

Explain that there are two types of lifts –

  1. service lift
  2. regular lift

Today, motors ranging from 5 kW to 20 kW are generally used for elevators, depending on the need and the load. If we calculate at least 5 kW motor, then it consumes about 43 amps of electricity to run it. For this we can buy 10 kW power backup solution. With this you can get all the needs of the house apart from the lift. can also complete.

How does Lift work?

Some equipment in the lift such as Machine Drive, Control Cabinet, Overspeed Governor, Elevator Car, Apron, etc. The machine drive consists of a 10HP (7.5kW), 3 phase AC motor with the help of which the lift moves from bottom to top and top to bottom. 3 phase electricity is required to run this motor and this lift will not work if there is no electricity. A small power backup is given in the lift so that if someone is coming or going from the lift and at the same time the power goes out, then the door will open after coming down from the floor on which the lift is located, but if there is no electricity for a long time, then the lift is closed. Will stay

What is its solution?

Electricity and generator are being used to run the lift but generators cannot run due to pollution in many states. It is difficult to say when the government refuses to run the generator. For this, in today’s time of lift, installing Hybrid Inverter with Lithium Battery is the right option. It has many benefits such as –

– Get rid of the cost of Diesel,

– No interruption of electricity department,

– Not much maintenance problem,

No separate cost of keeping any Man Power, etc.

What will be the capacity of Inverter Battery?

First of all we will know the lift on full load Amp. Here 5 persons have been asked to come from top to bottom and from bottom to top in the lift. Now with the help of clamp meter we will find the power consumption of the motor which is given below:

Component Specification
Lift 5 Persons
Motor 10 HP / 7.5kW, 3 Phase
No. of Floors 6 Floors
Running Load

Max. Power Consumption with Jerk Current: 33Amp.

Min. Power Consumption without Jerk Current: 16Amp.

The power consumption of a lift is not the same. When the lift moves from top to bottom, its power consumption is 9 Amp, while when the lift moves from the bottom to the top, its power consumption goes up to 33 Amp. The motor has Jerk current which consumes more power at the time of starting, after 3 seconds it comes to 16 amps.

What will come?

Power backup of 10 kW As a solution, you will get 2 batteries and 10 kW inverter and if needed you can also add solar to it.

how much will it cost

This power backup solution will cost you around Rs 5 lakh.

understand the difference

If you use a generator to run the lift, then just buying the generator costs you around Rs 2.5 lakh. Apart from this, there is a lot of bill every month to run it. But if you invest 5 lakhs once, you will get relief from spending lakhs for years and years.


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