Which business to do in ₹ 25000. Businesses to start with ₹ 25000 investment.

Are you thinking that what kind of business can I do with ₹ 25000? That is to say, are you looking for a business that you can start with an investment of up to ₹ 25000? First of all, in today’s era of inflation, it is a big challenge to make people believe that they can start a business even with such a low investment.

But today even in this era of inflation, leave it with less investment. There are some businesses that can be started even without money., So it is not surprising that you can start a business even by spending up to ₹ 25000.

We all know that India is the second largest country in the world on the basis of population, so there is no doubt that there is a huge market available for all kinds of services and products. You can easily sell many things here by putting up street vendors.

Apart from this, there are some businesses that do not cost much to start, but if they take off, they have the potential to make you a millionaire. Today, through this article, we are going to talk about some such business which you can start with an investment of up to ₹ 25000. And bumper earnings can also be expected from them in future.

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Business to be started with an investment of ₹ 25000 (How to start a business with ₹ 25000)

If you are also thinking in your mind that you do not have much money to start your own business. But you can arrange up to ₹ 25000 to start a business by juggling here and there.

It may also happen that you want to start your own business, but you do not want to take too much risk, so you are considering starting a business with less investment and the same question is running in your mind that How to do business with ₹ 25000? So here below we are giving a list of some such businesses which you can easily start by spending up to ₹ 25000.

Tour And Travel Agency

In this type of business i.e. starting your own tour and travel agency, you need more than money, familiarity and hotel, taxi etc. network. To open tour and travel agency, you have to contact only such people who have their own commercial number vehicle. It can be a car, bus etc. Because the customers who will come to you in this type of business, either they need a car to go somewhere, or they need a hotel to stay where they are going.

If going by rail then you have to book their train tickets, if going by flight then you have to book flight tickets, and book hotel stay in the city they are going to.

If you think that you can have a lot of people who want to get their travel plans etc. from you, then believe me you can easily start your own tour and travel agency with an investment of up to ₹ 25000.

To book train tickets you Agent of Indian Railways have to work as You can easily apply to become an agent through the website of Indian Railways, for this some fee is charged by the railways but it is not more than ₹1500. As far as flight and hotel tickets are concerned, currently many platforms like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, etc. provide you the facility of booking all types of hotels, flights, etc. through their portals.

Keep the numbers of local taxi owners etc. with you for providing taxi or transport facility to customers at local places. As far as the office is concerned, in a right area, you will easily get a small office with rent up to ₹ 10000.

blogging business

There are many bloggers in India who are earning crores of rupees every year from blogging. But do you know when they would have started their blog then how much money they would have spent on it? Otherwise, let us tell you that even today, if you start your self-hosted blog on WordPress, then you may have to spend only up to ₹ 10000 as an initial cost.

Because in this you have to spend on buying domain name and buying hosting. As far as blog designing is concerned, you can also learn it yourself. Because WordPress is a platform that helps you create your website or blog even without coding.

However, to be successful in blogging, you should have a passion for writing, not just a hobby. Skills like reading, researching, analyzing etc. are also needed for this. You can do blogging in any language, blogging can also be done in Hindi, English or any of your local languages ​​in which you have a very good grip.

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youtube business

At present, famous YouTubers are also little less than any celebrity, their every activity is monitored by the media. YouTube has transformed the lives of many people in such a way that they might never have had such expectations from their lives. In YouTube, you will find many such YouTubers who are earning lakhs of rupees a month by running their YouTube channel from far away villages.

You must be thinking that those who are earning lakhs of rupees a month have also invested lakhs of rupees in starting this business. No, if we talk about YouTube, then you can start it for less than blogging.

But what happens, isn’t it? If you start it for free then you will not be able to take it seriously. So if you want to start youtube business seriously then you should invest up to ₹ 25000 in it. If you want, you can buy a second hand laptop or computer, which you will easily get up to ₹ 15000. And you can buy an average camera phone up to ₹ 10000 so that you can shoot videos for your YouTube channel.

If you already have the phone, then you can spend on some additional things like tripod, microphone, green background etc. If you look in this way, you can easily start your YouTube business with an expenditure of up to ₹ 25000.

juice selling business

To start a juice shop, you need to rent a small shop in a crowded place. If you do not want to pay the rent in advance, then you can pay it after a month also, but it is possible that the owner of the shop may ask you for some lump sum amount, then you can consider it as ₹ 10,000. For the remaining ₹ 10,000, it may take you to buy the juice extraction machine used in this business which is capable of extracting the juice of various fruits and some utensils like jug, glass tumbler etc.

And ₹ 5000 you may also need to buy fruits, spices etc. If you look in this way, you can easily start the business of selling juice up to ₹ 25000.

business of selling momos

Hardly anyone will be able to forget the taste of momos with spicy chutney. Whenever there is a desire to eat momos, people walk towards the stall selling momos located in their area. And within no time, a huge crowd of people gathers at that stall in the evening. Have you also seen the crowd at the momos stall in your area?

And seeing this crowd, has the idea of ​​starting your own business of selling momos crossed your mind? Thought came but thought it would cost a lot and then dropped this thought of yours? If this happened to you, then I would like to tell you that the business of selling momos is such a business that you can easily start by spending only up to ₹ 25000.

To start this business, you do not need to rent a shop, rather you can rent only a small place in front of a shop, a crowded place on the roadside. You have to make momos from your home or room and sell them in this selected place in a given time.

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business of making chips

The process of making chips is quite easy, but setting up a large-scale commercial production plant and then producing automatic chips through it not only makes it a bit complicated, but also involves a lot of investment. But we make many types of chips at home as well, which means that the process of making chips is easy. But setting up an automatic plant for making chips costs crores of rupees.

But if you wish, you can easily start this chips making business with an investment of up to ₹ 25000 with some housewives from your neighborhood. In this, you can make potato, banana etc. chips and sell them in food grade transparent foils.

But if you want to sell the chips made by you with your own brand name, then you will have to get the trademark registration done by registering the business properly. All these activities can increase the initial cost of starting this business.

Kulfi selling business

Even today Kulfi made of milk and khoya does not give taste to children, but teenagers, young, middle-aged, elderly etc. also yearn for its taste. This is the reason that when the bell of the Kulfi seller is heard outside in summer, children insist on eating Kulfi.

To start the business of Kulfi, you need a D fridge or an ice box installed on the rickshaw itself, in which the ice melts less and keeps the Kulfi cool. If you are thinking of starting a business in summer with an expenditure of up to ₹ 25000, then you can consider starting a business of selling Kulfi.

mobile accessories business

It is a business that matches the current lifestyle. Today almost every adult has their own phone, teenagers can also be seen with their own phone. Overall, as many family members as many phones. In such a situation, people are in need of mobile accessories like mobile cover, screen guard, headphone, bluetooth etc.

However, for this type of business to be successful, a good location may be required to open a shop in a crowded place or local market. However, you can also start a mobile accessories shop on a large scale. But in the initial phase it can be started easily even with an investment of up to ₹ 25000.

business of selling gol gappas

Yes, we are talking about the same pani puri which is famous as the most eaten street food in India. If you set up your stall at a very good place, then you can earn a lot by selling Gol Gappas.

To sell Gol Gappas, you need a stall or rehri, which you can easily customize for up to ₹ 12000. And the rest of the expenditure comes in buying your utensils, gas stove and raw materials.

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