Where will Imran’s insistence take Pakistan?

Madhurendra Sinha

These days Pakistan is facing misery due to misery and the ravages of nature. The condition of the economy is that the country can be declared bankrupt at any time. But the biggest threat to him at this time is not from the plight of the economy but from Imran Khan’s tricks. Imran Khan, who once made the best cricket team in the world, is spewing poison in politics at this time. After fighting in the politics of Pakistan for 22 years, he got the power of Pakistan, even with the help of army and religious forces. However, for many reasons, his image from the beginning was that of a secular Pakistani. Imran Khan was a student of Economics and Political Science at Oxford. His schooling was also done in the Christian School of Lahore. Naturally, he has been considered close to Western culture. He was in love with Jemima, a girl from a wealthy family. Both also got married.

Imran’s mind game
In 1982, he was made the captain of the cricket team for the Pakistan-India series. Then in an interview Imran told me bluntly that he will not only send India defeated but will end the careers of Gavaskar and Vishwanath. By saying this, he started a psychological war i.e. mind game between India and Pakistan. Imran was adept at strategizing from the very beginning. He also showed by winning the World Cup in 1992.

  • As soon as he stepped into politics, he understood that if politics is to be done in Pakistan, then religion has to be taken along. After this Imran Khan’s image changed rapidly and soon it came to the point that he came to be called Talibani Imran.
  • After all, with the help of the army, he became the PM of Pakistan in 2018. Nawaz Sharif had to leave the country as there were serious corruption cases against him. Imran Khan’s image was that of a reformer and initially it seemed that he would change everything but after a while everything went on as before.
  • Imran Khan has been one of those who work freely and without any instructions. It has been difficult for them to obey someone’s advice or orders. After becoming the PM, he kept following the guidelines of the Army Chief for a few days, but due to his free-spirited nature, he kept away from them too.
  • And when it came to the selection of the ISI Chief, he did not accept the name of the army sent. This naturally led to his tussle with General Bajwa. He was voted out of power in April this year after he was defeated in a no-confidence motion in Parliament, but before that, he directly warned the military that he would see them.
  • Before leaving power, Imran did the same drama that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had done earlier. He created a ruckus by taking out copies of some unofficial documents of the US ambassador that they were being removed at the behest of the US.
  • He also instigated the people against the army. Pakistan, which was said to be run by Allah, the Army and America, fell away from two of the three. Today the average Pakistani considers America as his enemy and is also angry with the army.
  • Imran did many processions where he made the matter blatantly religious and named it Jihad. That is, he turned the opposition of Shahbaz Sharif’s government into a crusade.

The opposition to Wahabi Islam and the West is common in Pakistan. Even in the name of Jihad in Kashmir, donations worth crores of rupees are collected there. Imran also contributed a lot in this game. Today the common Pakistani is fascinated by grain. But Imran wants power at any cost. Now the game is Imran vs Army. Till now, Imran Khan, who is opposing Army Chief General Bajwa, has suggested the government to extend the tenure of General Bajwa. However, at the core of this suggestion is his demand that the appointment of a new army chief should be postponed until a new government is formed through elections.

largest debtor country

Imran Khan’s personality is such that even once a common Pakistani falls in his trap. His method of protest is such that people feel that he is telling the truth. The truth is that during his four-and-a-half years of rule, he turned Pakistan into the world’s largest debtor country. Today, Pakistan has a debt of 50 trillion rupees, which has become poor while paying interest. This debt is 80 percent of its total GDP. Imran has become so popular by opposing the present government and the army that if elections are held now, he will win again. If not, he can go to any extent. Imran will not hesitate to break Pakistan into pieces. In the politics of Imran Khan, the experts get a glimpse of the politics of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the same arrogance and the same arrogance. Bhutto had made the country two pieces for power. Pakistani diplomat Sajid Tarar celebrates that Imran Khan did what India could not do by spending billions of dollars. There can be three pieces of the country at any time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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