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E passport with electronic chip in India Government of India has taken a big decision to digitize the passport of Indian citizens in the form of e passport. This idea is from some 8 years ago but it can be implemented in 2017. Due to the Narendra Modi government and its pro-digital political measures, it was announced that the passports of the Republic of India will soon have electronic chips. This will not only help in proper verification of the passport electronically, but it is also necessary that it will store all the biometric information of the passport holder for life. This step of Modi government is to curb the menace of fake passports. The data will be safe from the chip installed in it as well as the information hidden in it will also be safe. Complete information about this e-passport is given in this article.

E passport with electronic chip in India

Till now, India was issuing only physical copies of passports to its citizens. But now by changing these traditional passports, it has been decided to make new e-passports. This is not new in the world. Globally, such e-passports have been issued to their citizens in about 93 countries. Now in India also electronic passport or e-passport is to be issued with electronic chip, which will contain all your necessary information, which is traditionally printed and recorded in a physical passport. Also identity documents such as address proof, date of birth document, educational qualification documents etc. This e-passport is also called biometric passport. Biometric passport is a combination of paper and electronic passport, which contains the biometric information of the traveling passenger. Apart from this, there are some other features of this e-passport or biometric passport. What is passport? and how to apply Read to know.

Features of e-passport (E passport objectives) –

Its features are as follows-

  • Normally required for passport, the biometric information of the passport holder, in the e-passport, this information will be saved in the electronic chip embedded in it.
  • It will have a microprocessor chip and antenna as well as a contactless smart card technology, which can be anywhere inside or outside the passport such as at the center of the passport or on the front or back cover of the passport.
  • The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used to authenticate electronically stored data in making passport chips. It is expensive and difficult to make, but it is also easy when the security system is fully and correctly implemented.
  • Biometric standards are widely used for facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition.
  • Only a digital image (generally in JPEG or JPEG2000 format) of each biometric feature is actually stored on the chip. Which is displayed outside the passport chip by Electronic Border Control System (eBorder) as compared to Biometric facility.

Benefits of e-passport (E-passport benefits) –

There are many benefits for you with e-passport or biometric passport, here are some of the benefits of e-passport-

  • Firstly, it will implement easy passport control process in airports.
  • Passengers will be able to cross borders faster than before, because now the identity of the passengers will be checked on the computer.
  • Biometric passport will help in checking the offender once the offender leaves the biometric evidence at the crime scene.
  • Information and documents related to any passport will be stored digitally, which will make it easy process for renewal of lost passport or damaged passport.
  • Fake passport can also be caught through e-passport.
  • This will make the police verification process easier.
  • Any illegal migrants who were using fake passports as valid, they will be easily detected at the check points and banned.

How it will be beneficial for travelers,

E-passport is not only beneficial for the government but also for the travellers. There is a lot of possibility of loss of passport, whether it is lost in the country or abroad or stolen, but now all this will become easy due to e-passport. Once you have lost your passport, here you have the option to replace it but what if you are abroad? Biometric Passport will help you for this, as your biometric information will be available from its database. It is not necessary that the e-passport is correct in every aspect, it can be a loss by misusing the chips of innocent people. But the gain is more than the loss. So this is a very good idea of ​​the government.

Announcement made by Ministry of External Affairs on e-passport ,

In the issue of e-passport, the Ministry of External Affairs has made it clear that all passports will be implemented with electronic chips in 2017. Apart from this, all new passports that will be issued will also include this facility. This announcement was made at a media event organized at the Passport Office in Thiruvananthapuram. The Minister also announced the idea of ​​having a passport in his mobile phone, which can be presented after the completion of the digital passport process.

According to the announcement, digital passports will help in reducing the time taken for documentation, verification and processing of passports in the country, which is one of the important agendas of the present government. The Narendra Modi government also asked to facilitate some people in issuing passports, such as single mother, orphan, sadhu, mother with child etc. Narendra Modi Biography Read here.

project execution ,implementation,

This scheme will be operationalized in several phases for issuance of e-passport to its citizens. Indian Security Press is located in Nashik where e-passport will be manufactured. All necessary request activities for the purchase of electronic chips will be implemented very soon. In 2017 existing passport holders will also be able to expect to join with the new digital passport.

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