What is Trackball (Definition, Types, Uses and Difference) Trackball in Hindi

What is Trackball in Hindi? In today’s article we will give you computer under which what is a trackball Will give complete information. Trackball is an important input device of computer and if you are interested in computer then you also need to know about trackball.

In this article you What is trackball, history of trackball, its uses, advantages and disadvantages will tell you about and together with you Difference Between Trackball and Mouse Will also tell so that it will be easy for you to understand the trackball.

So let’s start this article without any delay and know what is trackball in Hindi –

What is Trackball?

a kind of trackball computer input device Which is used to control the cursor.

What is Trackball (Definition, Types, Uses and Difference)

trackball mouse There is a device that looks like a ball in the middle of which a ball is attached and the computer screen is reflected by the ball. cursor can be controlled.

Like a mouse, two buttons are also attached to the trackball, through which any object can be selected from the computer screen.

picture of trackball

Trackball is used in place of mouse in computer because many such tasks are done in computer which trackball can do easily as compared to mouse.

trackball in hindi

Definition of Trackball

Trackball is an input device used in computer which is used to control the cursor on the computer screen.

picture of trackball

History of Trackball

The trackball, an input device with a mouse-like structure, was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin. Initially its name was Roller Ball. It was first made for Military Secret. It was not made for the general public.

Trackballs were more expensive in the 1960s and 70s, then it was mostly used in military radar fire systems, industry etc. Later it was also released to the public.

In today’s time, trackball is used in many works and today such trackballs are available in the market which can be used easily by the users.

Types of Trackball

Trackballs have been developed for different computer surfaces. If seen, there are mainly two types of trackballs – serial interface and parallel interface.

Serial Interface Trackball

serial interface trackball All In Kind Trackball Models data are broadcast one by one in serial format. When one data is processed, the Processing Room allows other data to enter.

Examples of serial interface trackball – RS232, RS422 etc.

Parallel Interface Trackball

parallel interface trackball Parallel Transmmision Model is used in this type of trackball. In this, multiple bits of data are allowed to be executed simultaneously without any waiting pool of pending bits. Their speed is higher than serial interface trackball.

Other Type Trackball

Apart from these, there are some other types of trackballs which are as follows –

  • Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball
  • Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball
  • Kensington Expert Trackball
  • Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring
  • Logitech Optical Trackball Marble mouse
  • Toner Portable Figure handheld 4D USB Mini Trackball Mouse Wired

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Uses of Trackball

Trackballs are used for many things, some of which are as follows –

  • Trackballs are used to play certain types of games.
  • Trackballs help a lot in scrolling large or more documents.
  • graphic design I also use the trackball very well. With its help, you can create attractive 2D, 3D images.
  • Due to the flexibility of the trackball, it does not require any surface to run, it can be used indoor and outdoor as well.

Advantages of trackball (Advantage of Trackball in Hindi)

Trackball is a very useful device, it has many advantages –

  • Speed ​​of trackball is good.
  • Trackballs provide more accuracy than a mouse
  • Trackball is a great device for playing games.
  • Trackball does not require much servicing.
  • No pad is required to run the trackball.
  • More comfortable for the user, can use it easily.
  • Trackball does not require much space.

Disadvantage of trackball trackball in hindi

Where there are many advantages of trackball, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages, let us also know about some of its disadvantages –

  • Trackballs are expensive.
  • While using the trackball, there should be proper control of the ball, there may be some difficulty in running it.
  • Can’t play games at high speed.
  • It is not easy to track because there is more movement in the cursor even when the ball is rotated lightly.

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Difference between trackball and mouse

The structure of trackball and mouse are almost similar but there are many differences between them which are as follows –

  • Users can easily use the mouse, but before using the trackball, it is necessary to know some instructions about the trackball.
  • Trackball speed is better than mouse.
  • It is necessary to have a flat surface to use the mouse, but the trackball can also be used in Indoor and Outdoor.
  • The accuracy of the trackball is better than that of the mouse.
  • Trackballs are more expensive than a mouse.
  • Mouse requires more space to use than trackball.
  • Trackball does not require much service but mouse requires regular service.

FAQ For Trackball

What is a trackball?

trackball computer A key is an input device used to control the cursor in place of a mouse.

Who invented the trackball?

Trackball was invented by Benjamin in 1946.

How many types of trackball are there?

Trackballs are mainly of two types – serial interface trackball and parallel interface trackball.

Are trackball and mouse the same?

The structure of the trackball is similar to that of the mouse, but the trackball is very different from the mouse. By the way, the trackball is used in place of the mouse.

Conclusion: what is trackball in hindi

So friends, in today’s article we have given you track ball what is it in hindi And have shared almost all the information related to trackball with you, by reading which you must have got to know about trackball.

If you are also a Gaming Lover, then you can also use the trackball instead of the mouse and get better control over the game.

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