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Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai In Hindi: You must have seen goldfish, a fish kept in homes, but do you know? Goldfish what is the scientific name of, goldfish Where? found caste Is, goldfish how many type Of would have Is And goldfish of obedience How do,

Questions related to Goldfish are asked in many competitive exams, so every student should know about Goldfish. Apart from students, this article of ours is also very beneficial for those people who want to follow goldfish for decoration in their homes. We have tried that in this article, from the scientific name of goldfish to the whole process of raising it, we can explain you in very easy words.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article What is the Scientific Name of Goldfish.

complete information about gold fish in hindi

Scientific Name of Goldfish Carassius auratus (Carassius auratus)
Goldfish of Hindi Name Golden fish
family Carp
Residence sweet water
Original source China
Age 10 to 15 years on average
length average 35 to 40 cm
Weight max 4.5 kgs
Ph Range 6.5 to 8.5
Meal Algae, insects, larvae, plants etc.
Complete information about Goldfish

What is Goldfish

Goldfish is a type of freshwater fish that belongs to the Carp family. Goldfish are commonly kept as pet fish in indoor aquariums. You must have also seen this fish somewhere. Goldfish are very beautiful in appearance, the main reason for this is their color too.

What is the scientific name of goldfish Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai

Goldfish vary in body size, color, breed, and fin configuration. The color of goldfish is white, yellow, orange, red, brown and black in the various combinations that are known. Apart from this, it can also be in many colors.

Goldfish are seen as pets in tanks and jars in homes. People keep goldfish because it looks very beautiful and attractive and many people consider it auspicious to keep it in the house. Goldfish is one of the world’s ornamental fish. Goldfish are also called golden crucian carp.

What is the scientific name of Gold (Goldfish Ka Scientific Naam Kya Hai)

Scientific Name of Goldfish That is, the scientific name is Carassius auratus, which is read in Hindi as Carassius auratus. it in hindi “Golden fish” says. If you are asked somewhere in the examinations that what is the scientific name of Goldfish, then now you can easily tell the answer. Remembering the scientific name of goldfish is not so difficult, if you are not being taught the scientific name of goldfish in English, then you can remember it by reading it in Hindi.

What is the Hindi name of goldfish

The Hindi name of Goldfish is Goldfish. Goldfish are also found with golden color and in many colors including orange, red, brown, white and black. If you see any fish in the combination of these colors in the tanks and jars of homes, then it is goldfish.

History of Goldfish

If we talk about the history of Goldfish, then it is not a completely new fish on earth. The history of goldfish is more than 1700 years old. The first mention of this fish was recorded during the Xing Dynasty of China. It is believed that when King Jinhuan of China reached Lushan Mountain, he found a pond filled with red colored fish.

During the Tang Dynasty, goldfish were domesticated in homes, at that time people used to raise goldfish by making ponds in their homes, which increased the popularity of raising goldfish. Even during the Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, people kept goldfish in their homes.

Goldfish reached Japan in 1502 and Japan introduced many species of goldfish. This was followed by the introduction of goldfish to the United Kingdom in the 17th century, Europe in the 18th century, and America in the 19th century, and thus began to be domesticated throughout the world.

Where is Goldfish found?

Goldfish is found in the largest quantity in China and it was started from China, this fish is native to East Asia. Talking about forests, goldfish can be found in slow flowing freshwater reservoirs. Like its relative carp, it also thrives in dirty water.

What is the length of Goldfish

When Goldfish are kept as pets in tanks and aquariums, their length can only grow up to 1-2 inches, and sometimes their maximum length reaches up to 6 inches. But the length of the goldfish living in the ponds of the forests reaches 12 to 14 inches.

How many types of goldfish are there (Types of Goldfish in Hindi)

There are many types of goldfish, many types of species are found all over the world. In this article, we have told you about 22 popular species of goldfish –

American Shubunkins Bristol Shubunkins
Butterfly Tail Wakin
Comet Common (Common Goldfish)
Curled-gill Watona
Celestial Eye Bubble Eye
Tosakin Veiltail
London Shubunkins Panda Telescope
Pearlscale Shukin
Ranchu Red Cap Oranda
Ryukin Sabao
Moor nymph
Types of Goldfish

how to follow goldfish

If you want to keep goldfish, then you have to take special care of them because a small mistake of yours can also kill them. If you take proper care of goldfish then they can live for a very long time.

  • Buy a tank to keep goldfish, although they can also be kept in a jar but tank is a better option for keeping goldfish.
  • When buying a tank make sure there is enough surface area to absorb the oxygen, and there should be room for the fish to swim.
  • Place the tank in a location that receives enough indirect sunlight.
  • Water maintenance is important to keep fish healthy. You can replace a third of the water in the tank a week by removing it.
  • Clean the tank regularly, as goldfish make a lot of mess.
  • Goldfish eat more than necessary, which is harmful for their health, so you should take special care of their food and drink.
  • Keep your fish safe, don’t spray insecticides in the room where you keep the tank.
  • If the fish is behaving unusually, it may be that it is sick, for this you should contact the vet.
  • Also, you have to keep in mind that goldfish get beautiful and attractive color only after 1 year of birth.

Here we have given you important information about pet goldfish through a table.

Subject Goldfish rearing
A place to live jar or tank
length max 6 inches
age average 6 to 10 years
water temperature 68° to 74° Fahrenheit
PH range 7.0 to 8.5
Meal Insects, Snails, Lettuce, Peas, Cabbage, Spinach etc.
how to follow goldfish

What is the food of Goldfish

If you are following Goldfish, then you have to pay special attention to their food, only then they will be able to survive. Let us tell you that goldfish are omnivores, they like to eat small insects, small plants and crustaceans. Goldfish keep eating continuously, that is, it can eat a lot for a long time.

The diet of goldfish varies from where they live. When they live in rivers, ponds, their diet is different and when they are domesticated then their diet is different. The food items of goldfish mainly include algae, larvae, insects, fish eggs, water fleas, lobsters, plants, mosquitoes etc.

If you are keeping goldfish, you may find it very difficult to get all this food for the goldfish, so you can also feed a pet goldfish the following things –

  • algae
  • brine shrimp
  • snails
  • salad leaves
  • Pea
  • Cauliflower
  • spinach
  • chopped vegetables
  • commercial food pellets

This is all the food a pet goldfish eats. You can feed all this to your pet goldfish.

How much food does a Goldfish eat

As we told you above, Goldfish can eat many things for a long time but if you are keeping Goldfish then you should feed them only 3 or 4 times a day. Because eating more is not beneficial for the health of goldfish.

How long can goldfish live

The average life of the Goldfish is 10 to 15 years, but some species can live up to 30 years, but for this they need special attention, and proper care. Unfortunately, many goldfish do not even reach their average lifespan potential.

What should be the water temperature for Goldfish

Goldfish can survive only in water of a particular temperature, unlimited changes in temperature can kill it. If you are keeping Goldfish, then take special care of the water temperature. Generally the ideal water temperature for goldfish ranges from 68°F to 74°F. They can survive for a long time in this temperature of water.

Although pH is not that important for goldfish, the ideal pH value for goldfish to live in is 7.0 to 8.5.

Some interesting things related to Goldfish

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that what is the scientific name of goldfish, and how to follow goldfish. Let us now know some interesting things about goldfish –

  • Goldfish can recognize humans. And it can distinguish between different shapes, colors and sounds.
  • Goldfish can eat continuously but eating too much is harmful for them.
  • Goldfish can be of many colors; modern goldfish occur in combination with orange, black, red, yellow, brown and white.
  • Goldfish can survive for 2 weeks without eating or drinking.
  • If properly cared for goldfish can live up to 30 years.
  • Goldfish living in ponds have a longer length than goldfish found in home aquariums.
  • Goldfish are omnivores, they eat insects as well as plants.
  • Sometimes goldfish eat their babies only.
  • The cultivation of goldfish started from China and the native habitat of this fish is considered to be China.

Some questions related to Goldfish

What is the Scientific Name of Goldfish? What is the scientific name of goldfish?

The scientific name or scientific name of Goldfish is Carassius auratus (Carassius auratus).

How old do goldfish live?

Generally, the lifespan of goldfish is between 10 and 15 years. But some species of goldfish can live up to 20 years.

What do I feed my pet goldfish?

You can feed your extravagant goldfish with algae, insects, snails, lettuce, peas, cabbage, spinach, chopped vegetables, etc.

Can we eat goldfish?

Yes, like other fish, you can eat goldfish with your food, there is no problem in it.

How long can goldfish survive without food?

Goldfish can survive for 2 weeks without eating or drinking. Many goldfish can survive up to 4 months without food.

Where is goldfish found?

Goldfish are generally found in slow flowing freshwater reservoirs.

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