What is Starlink Internet and how does it work (Starlink In Hindi)

Starlink Internet In Hindi: You will be well aware of how far technology has reached today. With the help of this technology, Elon Musk, who is currently the richest person in the world, wants to give better facilities to every person in the world, so he is working on many projects.

Starlink is also present in this campaign of Elon Musk, through which with the help of satellite, users can save their computer or access the Internet on other devices. Starlink is currently used in only a few countries of the world, so very few people know that Starlink Kya Hai In Hindi.

If you also do not have much information about Starlink, then you read this article till the end, in this we have given you Starlink full details Tried to give.

So friends, without taking much of your time, let’s start this article and know what is Starlink Internet in detail in Hindi.

What is Starlink Internet and how does it work (Starlink In Hindi)

Starlink A project that was launched by SpaceX in 2015, with the help of which the user can reach high speed through satellite. Bandwidth and cheap Internet can use. You can also call Starlink a network of orbital satellites.

By the way, it was developed by SpaceX in 2015, SpaceX which is Elon Musk’s company and in 2018 the satellite was launched in their orbit and the last launch was done in 2021. SpaceX has launched about 1000 satellites, 60 satellites, so Kennedy space center was used for this launch in 2021.

That is, the total number of satellites of Starlink has gone up to 1737, it also has some prototypes. Starlink’s work was created to provide internet to the world, but it will have many more benefits and work will become easier.

Talking about the internet speed of Starlink, it is very fast, its speed is around 100-150mbps and as it works through satellite, the weather also affects it. The company is working especially for its speed and will improve the internet service by launching many satellites.

What is the cost of Starlink (Starlink Price In India)

Now let’s talk about the cost of starlink. For the service of Starlink, you will have to pay $ 110 per month, if you talk about Indian rupees, then you have to pay about 7200 rupees every month which is a bit expensive and if you talk about the cost of its entire insect then it is close to $ 499 in which you will get satellite dish. , Router, cablePower supply and all Hardware Means you will get the complete kit for $599.

The kit provided to you while connecting to Starlink includes dish, cable, power supply, WiFi Router etc. networking device see you.

How does Starlink work?

now Let’s talk starlink How it works When starlink service is taken, the complete kit is available in it, to make its connection, first of all the dish has to be set up, after that it receives the signal and sends the bandwidth to the router.

The sky must be clear for the signal to be received. So that the signal can be easily received. Android And iOS has been made an app like starlink app which is easily available in google play, this app helps you to choose the most used location to place receiver and dish is directly connected to satellite, so there should be no interruption in between. That’s why SpaceX is sending more and more satellites and setting up more and more ground stations from which to get good internet service everywhere.

Starlink is still not established in all countries Starlink has just started in some countries like America, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. has started in countries. Talking about India, Starlink has not arrived in India yet, but there is a plan to install it by the end of 2022.

When will Starlink launch in India?

talk starlink It is being claimed that by December 2022, Starlink will come in the Indian market, the company says, 2 lakh devices of Starlink have to be installed.

In India by the end of 2022 and it will have most of the villages where internet is not available, 5000 pre-orders of Starlink have already been received in India, which can be guessed how successful it will be in India.

There are many such villages in India where internet access is not known, due to its geographical structure, due to which Starlink will prove to be helpful, it is slightly better than fiber cable because it will prove to be an artisan in bringing internet everywhere.

Advantages of Starlink

Following are some of the major advantages of Starlink –

  • The biggest advantage of Starlink is its speed, according to SpaceX, its speed can be up to 150mbps which is very high.
  • Starlink can reach internet from satellite in those places where internet is not accessible due to the geographical location of that place, starlink will give advantage for those places.
  • It provides unlimited data.
  • Its connection is easy.

Disadvantage of starlink

Following are some of the disadvantages of Starlink –

  • It is quite expensive, the cost of its kit is very high.
  • It cannot serve everywhere now.
  • It does not work properly now, there are many obstacles in it.

what will the future starlink be like

In today’s time, any project, it needs to be made according to the future, for its success, because nowadays technology is changing very quickly. Know how the future starlink will be

  • SpaceX says that in the coming years its speed will be up to 250-300mbps, which will be a very good speed.
  • SpaceX believes that in a few years Starlink can provide internet to every corner of the world.
  • The company is working to make it cheap so that everyone can take it, it will become cheaper in the coming years.

How to Setup Starlink (Install Starlink Internet)

FAQ: Starlink Kya Hai in Hindi

Who owns Starlink?

Starlink is owned by one of the world’s largest space agencies, SpaceX, which is a company of well-known businessman Elon Musk.

Is Starlink’s service available for free?

No, Starlink’s service is not for free, for this you have to pay.

What is the Starlink connection speed?

The speed of Starlink ranges from 50 mbps to 150 mbps. According to SpaceX, the speed of Starlink will be up to 250-300mbps in the future.

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Conclusion: Complete information about Starlink in Hindi

So friends, here is the complete information about Starlink. We have tried to explain Starlink to you in very simple words.

As we have mentioned in the article, according to SpaceX, in a few years Starlink’s service will spread all over the world and people living in remote villages will also be able to access internet at good speed. What is your opinion about Starlink, do tell us in the comment box.

That’s all in this article, I hope you must have liked this information given by us Starlink Kya Hai. Also share this article with your friends on social media so that they can also understand Starlink better.

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