What is SSD and its functions (Difference between SSD and HDD) SSD in Hindi

SSD vs HDD in Hindi: We told you in the last article HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Which is a storage device in the computer in which all the data of the computer is stored. In today’s article, we will tell you about SSD (Solid State Drive) SSD is also a storage device.

but do you know SSD what isSSD how many type Of would have IsSSD How Work does IsSSD Of what Work HuhSSD And HDD In what gap Huh And SSD Of Advantages And Harm what Huh So read this article completely till the end.

After reading this article, in addition to all the information mentioned above, you will also get to know how you can find out Your computer In SSD Is either HDD And To you SSD Lenny should either HDD, This article will prove to be very useful for you, we have tried to provide you all the information about SSD.

So let’s start now without taking much of your time and know SSD what Would Is,

SSD kya hota hai full form (Solid State Drive) VS HDD (Hard Disk Drive) In Hindi

What is SSD

SSD full name Solid State Drive is our computer There is a storage device installed in the computer which stores the data in the computer in the same way as the hard disk stores the data in our computer. SSD is also a new version of Hard Disk or if you say SSD is an updated version of Hard Disk which is faster than Hard Disk and consumes less power.

SSD Picture (Solid State Drive Image)
picture of SSD

SSD is Flash Storage, that is, in the way memory card And pen drive In the same way, SSD also stores data. SSD is smaller in size and lighter in weight as compared to other hard drives. There are no moving parts in SSD, in which all the data is stored in the chip itself.

SSD is expensive compared to other hard drives because its quality, performance and features are very advanced compared to other drives. SSD provides very little storage at a very high cost.

SSD Full Form In English)

Full Form of SSD There is a Solid State Drive (Solid State Drive).

How SSD Works

A hard disk has a magnetic disk, due to which there is data store, transfer and access, but it does not happen in SSD, there is no moving part in it. SSD has a small semiconductor chip to store data. Semiconductor can communicate better than Magnate so SSD is better than hard disk.

History of SSD

The first Solid State Drive was made by Sandisk Corporation in 1991. The storage capacity of this SSD was 20 MB but it was not a Flash SSD. After this, in 1995, the first Flash SSD was manufactured by M-System. In today’s time, there are many Advance SSDs available in the market, whose storage capacity is also up to 30 TB.

Types of SSD

There are mainly two types of SSD –


#1 – SATA SSD (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

SATA is the oldest type of SSD, which is similar to a laptop hard drive. The speed of SATA SSD is 570 MB per second. This SSD can be up to 5 times faster than hard disk drives.

#2 – NVMe (Nonvolatile Memory Express)

NVMe SSD is a protocol which is 5 times faster than SATA SSD. The speed of NVMe is up to 2600 MB per second. If you use NVMe SSD in your laptop, then your laptop should have the largest Software It will open in a few seconds.

Connector in SSD (Type of SSD Connector in Hindi)

There are also mainly two types of SSD connectors –

#1 – M2 Connector

Using the M2 connector allows the SSD to reach its higher read and write limits. The speed of SSD can be boosted using M2 Connector. M2 Connector Motherboard It is installed in which the SSD is connected.

#2 – PCIe Connector

If the M2 connector is not used in the motherboard, then in that case the PCIe connector is installed in the motherboard. With the help of the PCIe connector, the bandwidth of the SSD is also increased so that the SSD can work at the maximum speed.

Function of SSD

The main function of SSD is to store data like a hard disk, but the performance, speed of SSD is better than that of hard disk, due to which the performance of the computer increases. It works better than HDD.

Difference Between HDD and SSD

Difference Between HDD and SSD

Based on their properties in SSD and hard disk, we will know the difference between them. There are following differences between SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) –

basis of difference SSD (Solid State Drive) HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
who has better speed Since there are no moving parts in SSD, its speed is very fast as compared to hard disk. There are moving parts in the hard disk, so that its speed decreases.
which one costs more The cost of SSD is very high, it provides very little storage at a very high price. Whereas hard disk provides more storage at a very low cost.
who has more capacity Although you can increase the storage capacity of SSD and HDD according to you, but SSD is expensive, so its storage capacity is kept low. Whereas HDD provides more storage at a lower cost, so often the storage of HDD is kept more.
which consumes more battery SSD consumes very little battery, due to which its battery performance lasts for a long time. Talking about the average battery consumption of SSD, it can range from 2 to 3 watts. While HDD consumes a lot of battery, due to which its battery lasts for a very short time. Talking about the average battery consumption of HDD, it can be from 6 to 7 watts.
which opens files faster Files open very fast in SDD. Whereas the file is very slow open in HDD.
Whose Booting Time Is Less The booting time of the operating system in SSD is from 5 to 25 seconds. Whereas in HDD the booting time can be from 30 to 40 seconds.
who makes more noise SSD does not have moving parts so it does not generate noise Whereas HDD has moving parts due to which it produces noise.
who produces more heat Due to no moving parts, SDD produces less head which means it gets less hot. Whereas HDD has moving parts due to which it produces more heat.
Magnetism Effect SDD is protected from Magnetism Effect Whereas in HDD Data can be deleted due to Magnetism Effect.
Difference Between HDD and SSD

Advantages of SSD

If SSD is installed in your PC or laptop, then you get many benefits of it which are as follows –

  • The speed of SSD is very high.
  • SSD consume less power.
  • SSDs last a very long time.
  • SSD remains safe even with magnetism effect.
  • SSD does not produce noise.
  • SSDs weigh less and are also very small in size.

Disadvantage of SSD

There are also some disadvantages of SSD which are as follows –

  • SSD is expensive, it provides less storage at a higher price.
  • Due to the high cost of SSD, its storage capacity is also kept low.

How to know if computer has HDD or SSD?

If you want to know whether your computer has hard disk or SSD then follow the following process.

  • First of all press R with Window Key.
  • then in the search bar dfrgui Search. Now by looking in the Media Type column, you can find out whether your PC has a hard disk or an SSD.
how to check computer SSD and HDD in hindi

Put SSD or HDD in computer – which is better

If you are still confused after reading the article, whether you should take HDD or SSD, then we have also told the solution for it –

If you want the performance and speed of your computer and do not want much storage, then SSD is a better option for you as well as your SSD. Data also remains safe.

But if you need a lot of storage and want speed too well, then hard disk drive is better for you. Hard disk drives provide more storage at less cost.

If we believe, you can install 1TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and 120GB or 256GB SSD in your computer or laptop simultaneously. Due to which the speed of your computer will increase a lot.

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What is the full name of SSD?

The full name of SSD is Solid State Drive.

What is SSD in laptop?

SSD is a memory device that uses Flash technology to store data such as pen drives and memory cards.

What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

SSD is an updated version of HDD itself but hard disk provides good speed and consumes less power than SSD. But SSD is expensive than HDD, that is why its storage capacity is kept less. So that SSD can be available at Affordable Price.

What is the function of SSD?

The main job of SSD is to store data.

How much does a 1TB HDD cost?

The price of 1TB HDD may vary from brand to brand. Most 1TB HDD is easily available in three to four thousand.

How much do 120GB and 256GB SSDs cost?

The price of 120GB and 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) may be different as there is a difference in the storage capacity of both. 120GB SSD can be around Rs 2000 to 2500 and the price of 256GB SSD can be around 3500- 4200.

We learned: What is SSD Full Form in Hindi

In today’s article, we told you that What is SSD And SDD vs HDD, How is it different from SDD and HDD? Along with this, we have given you detailed information about SSD and have also answered the questions that arise in your mind.

If you want good performance, speed, you can take SSD but for you performance and speed are less important than storage then you can take HDD.

Hope friends, you have got to learn a lot from this article, do share this article with your friends on social media and keep visiting our blog to read about similar valuable information.

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