What is Qureka App, how to earn money from it – Complete information in Hindi

Qureka App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: if you online money earning application If you want to earn money through, then in today’s article we have brought for you an application through which you can improve your knowledge along with earning money, the name of that application is Qureka. Yes through this app you can earn money by playing online quiz,

In this article you will get to know that Qureka App what IsQureka App Feather account How makeQureka App Feather Quiz How playQureka App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye And Qureka App From Pennies Paytm Wallet In How remove, If you want to get complete information about this fun application then read the article till the end.

So let’s start this article without taking much of your time. What is Cureka App in Hindi,

Qureka App Review

main point description
Application Name Qureka: Play Quizzes & Learn | Made in India
Application Category Gaming
Application size 21 MB
App Rating on Play Store 3.8/5 Star
total downloads 10 Million +
download link Download Qureka
Qureka App Review

What is Qureka App

Qureka App is an online quiz application in which you can earn money by playing online quiz. Here you are asked questions on various topics like Kaun Banega Crorepati and you get a prize or cash for giving the correct answer.

What is Qureka App and how to earn money - Quiz Game Earn Money - Question Answer

Qureka A Made in India is an application that gives its user a chance to increase knowledge as well as earn money. You can also transfer money earned on Qureka App to Paytm Wallet.

Apart from Quiz, many types of games are also available on Qureka app in which you can earn good by scoring high. If your knowledge is good then you can easily earn 10 thousand rupees in a month from Qureka App.

If we talk about Play Store, then Qureka App has got a rating of 3.8 and more than 10 million people have installed it on their mobile.

How to download Qureka App

You can easily use Qureka App Play Store can download from. For this, you have to search by typing Qureka in the search bar of Play Store, on the first number you will see the official application of Qureka.

After this you have to download the Qureka App by clicking on the download button and install the Qureka App in your mobile by clicking on Install.

In this way Qureka App will be installed in your mobile, now you can play quiz game and earn money by creating an account in it.

How to create account on Qureka App

if you’ve been around for a long time android If you are using mobile then it is very easy for you to create account on Qureka App, but still many people face some problem in creating account on Qureka App, so we have given below complete process to create account on Qureka App. Illustrated is shared with you guys.

#1 After downloading the Qureka App, open it and select your language.

#2 – After selecting the language, like other applications, Qureka also asks for some permission from you, you can Allow and Disallow according to you.

#3 After this you have to enter your name, number and email ID and click on the submit option below. You have to give the same number which is linked to your Paytm Wallet because Qureka money will be sent directly to you. Paytm Transfers to Wallet.

Qureka App create account

#4 Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, you have to get the mobile number verified by entering the OTP.

#5 In this way your account will be created on Qureka App, and you can earn money from Qureka App by playing quiz. When you successfully sign up on Qureka App, you get 120 Coin as Sign up Bonus.

qureka app se paise kamaye

Through this process, you will take only 3 – 4 minutes to create an account on Qureka App.

How to earn money with Qureka App

You cannot earn lakhs – crores of rupees from Qureka App but if you play Quiz on Qureka App every day for 3 – 4 hours then you can easily earn 300 to 500 rupees per day. With Qureka App you can earn money mainly in 4 ways, which are as follows –

#1- Earn Money by Playing Quiz on Qureka App

The most popular way to earn money on Qureka App is by playing Quiz. This application is completely a quiz application, where many types of quiz games are running throughout the day. About which we have told you in detail further.

You Can Participate In These Quiz Contest And The More Questions You Answer Correctly The More Your Coin Will Be Made In Qureka Wallet And Later This Coin Automatically Your PayTM Redeem in Wallet.

#2 – Earn money from Qureka through Refer and Earn Program

You can also earn money by referring Qureka App with your friends. You get the option of Refer and Earn at the bottom of Qureka application, from where you can refer Qureka App and earn money. You get 15 rupees for a referral on Qureka App.

#3 – Earn money with Qureka by playing other games

In Qureka App, you get a section called Brain Test in which you can learn different types of can play games and earn money, here you CricketFun games like Candy Slash, Fruit Cut, Box Tower, Save Panda are available. You can participate in these games and earn money when you win.

#4 – Earn money from Qureka by watching videos

You can also earn money by watching videos on Qureka App. On Qureka App, you get an option of Watch Video and Earn Coin, where Qureka App gives you the opportunity to earn money by watching videos.

How to Play Quiz in Qureka App

To play Quiz in Qureka, you need some Coin, the number of coins may also vary according to different quiz competition. On Qureka App you can play Quiz mainly in 7 ways.

1 – Qureka Live Quiz

On Qureka you can play Live Quiz in Hindi and English language every day from 9 am to 9 pm. In Live Quiz you can get 10 or more questions and you are given 10 seconds to answer each question. You can win money if you answer all the questions correctly in the contest.

2 – Hourly Quiz

You can play Hourly Quiz on Qureka every hour on various topics and earn money when you win. These quizzes are live all day long, you can play them anytime.

In Hourly Quiz you get 90 seconds in an hour to play the quiz. You can answer any number of questions here in 90 seconds. For every correct answer you get 20 coins and for every wrong answer you lose 10 coins. If you answer 3 questions in a row correctly then you get 10 coins as bonus.

At the end of 90 seconds your rank is determined and all the coins you have won through the quiz are transferred to your wallet. On Qureka you can play quiz on following topics in Hourly Quiz.

  • General Knowledge, Sports, Maths, Politics, businessHistory, Geography, Literature, Film and Celebrity etc.

3 – Cricket Quiz

Cricket is a popular sport in India, so everyone has a little bit of knowledge about cricket. You can earn money from Qureka App by your cricket knowledge. There is a separate section of cricket in Qureka App in which you will find quiz related to cricket. The point system in this quiz is similar to that of the Hourly Quiz. You will be given 90 seconds to answer as many questions as you can in this time. In Cricket Quiz you can earn money by playing quiz on following topics –

  • IPLWorld Cup, Cricket Records, Cricket Knowledge, About Indian Cricketer.

4 – Prediction Quiz

In Prediction Quiz you have to Prediction about Cricket Match, Bollywood, Hollywood, Cricket Player, Celebrity etc. If your Prediction comes out right then you can earn more money. In Prediction Quiz you have to Prediction on 10 questions on any topic. In Qureka App you get a separate section of Prediction Quiz.

5 – Image Quiz

Timing and point system in Image Quiz is same as Hourly Quiz. In this you will be shown some images and you have to guess correctly. The more images you can answer correctly, the more coins you can earn from the image quiz. In Image Quiz you can play quiz on following topics.

  • Movie, Famous Personality, Logo, Geography.

6 – Exam Preparation Quiz

If you are preparing for government job and want to check your knowledge, then on Qureka App you can earn money along with ckeck your knowledge by participating in Exam Preparation Quiz. In this, you get the questions of many competitive exams asked in the last few years. In this you can play quiz on the following topics.

  • UPSC Exam Quiz
  • SSC Exam Quiz
  • Bank PO Exam Quiz
  • 10+2 Entrance Exam Quiz
  • Management Exam Quiz

How to withdraw money from Qureka App

Qureka App allows you to transfer money only in PayTM Wallet,

  • For this, you have to create an account with your registered PayTM number while creating an account on Qureka App.
  • And when you have 30 rupees in your Qureka Wallet, then you click on the Amount option in the Qureka App.
  • Now click on Withdrawal to transfer the amount to your PayTM Wallet.
  • Qureka App transfers money to PayTM Wallet within 7 days.

Benefits of using Qureka App

  • You can increase your knowledge through Qureka App.
  • Along with increasing knowledge, you can also earn money through Qureka App.
  • Qureka is an Indian application, using which Made in India will be promoted.

Disadvantages of using Qureka App

  • Too many ads run in Qureka App
  • Sometimes Qureka App works very slowly.

FAQ: Qureka App Review

Qureka is the application of which country?

Qureka is an application from India.

Can I earn money on Qureka App?

Yes you can earn Paytm Cash from Qureka App, many people of India have earned money through Qureka App.

Is it safe to use Qureka App?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Qureka App, because the company claims that they do not share any information of their user with any third party.

How to withdraw money from Qureka app?

With Qureka App you can transfer money to your Paytm Wallet.

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Conclusion: what is curica app how to earn money in hindi

If you want to increase your knowledge as well as earn money online then Qureka App is best for you, millions of people have earned money through this app and you can also earn. So friends, that’s all in this article, I hope you like this article written by us. Qureka App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Must have liked it. Also share this article with your friends on social media and also help them to earn money from Qureka App.

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