What is Public App and how to earn money from it – Public News App Review in Hindi

Public News App Review in Hindi: When in 2020-2021 Lockdown If felt, due to this lockdown, the work of many private companies stopped, many companies were closed, small and big businesses were closed due to which many people lost their jobs. In such a situation, people are searching about how to earn money online. Search Engine But started doing so you How to earn money from Public App Will give complete information related, so that you how to earn money Do not read search.

There are many ways to earn money online with the help of internet. By creating a blog, from Affiliate Marketing, From Content Writing, from YouTube Channel and in mobile money earning applications are included. Earning money online is not a quick scheme, you first have to spend a lot of your time in this industry, only then you can earn money online after a few months.

We keep telling you about many ways to earn money online through this blog. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about a mobile application Public. In this article you will get to know That Public App what IsPublic App In account How makePublic App of use How do And Public App se Paise Kaise Kamaye,

If you also want complete information about Public App, then read this article completely, so let’s start without taking much of your time to know more about this article. What is public app in hindi.

What is Public App and how to earn money from it - Public News App Review in Hindi

What is Public App (Public App in Hindi)

Public App is a live news application that brings you the news near your location. Public App is a great application for Online Live Local Area News.

On Public App, you can upload news of your area as well as create news of your area and upload it in Public App and when your followers increase then you can easily earn money from Public App. This is a Best Online Earning App i.e. high earning app is also.

Public App brings the news of your area to you the fastest, due to which this application is becoming very famous. You can guess its popularity from the fact that more than 100 million people have installed the Public App on their mobile and Google Play Store This application has got a rating of 4.3.

Public App is the application of which country?

Public App is an Indian application whose founder is Azhar Iqbal. Public App was launched in April 2019 and within 6 months of its launch it became one of the fastest growing social application in India. Public App also took the first place on Play Store in terms of providing updates in video format.

How to Download Public App

To earn money from Public App, first you have to install it in your mobile. Downloading Public App is very easy, you search by typing Public in the search bar of Play Store and the application you will see on the first number Public – Indian Local Video Download it under the name of For your ease, we have given you the link below, you can also download the Public App by clicking on this link.

How to create account in Public App

When you have downloaded the Public App, the next step comes to create an account in the Public App. Well for a Smartphone user Creating an account in Public App is not a difficult task, but even then you face any kind of problem in creating an account, then you follow the process given below step wise.

  • Step 1 – When you open the Public App after downloading it, you are asked to sign in with Facebook or Google account, you can sign in using any method.
public news app create account
  • Step 2 After signing in, the public app asks you for permission to access the location so that the news can be shown to you based on your location. You can also select your location manually.
public news app create account
  • Step 3 After selecting the location, you select your language.
  • Step 4 Now you reach the homepage of Public App, where you will see many news of your area in the form of Video Content. With the help of Public App, you will be aware of all the activities happening in your city.

You have seen how easily you can create your account in Public App and see every news of your city in your mobile.

How to use Public App and create News

Using the Public App is as easy as creating an account in it. To make news on the public app, understand the option given below.

On the homepage of the Public App, you get to see four icons.

  • Home Icon
  • Search Icon
  • + Icon
  • Bell Icon
  • Profile Icon

Home Icon

On the homepage of the Public App, you get to see all types of news of your area. These news are either updated by a news channel or someone who lives in that area.

Search Icon

With the help of the Search Icon, you can search the news of a particular topic or you can search for your favorite news channel and see their news. Along with this, you can also see Popular Channel and Trending News from the search icon.

+ Icon

If you have any news related to your area then you can upload it in Public App through + Icon. Meaning that if you want to upload your video in Public App then this option is for you. You create news related to your location and publish it on the public app.

Bell Icon

Whatever activity will happen in your account in Public App, it gets shown to you here.

Profile Icon

From here you can manage your profile on the Public App. All the changes you have to make in your profile will happen from here. Also you can see here how many people are following you and which channel you follow, how many videos you have made etc. You get to see all the information in Profile Icon.

How to earn money from Public App

when you If you learn to use Public App, now it is your turn. Public App se Paise Kaise Kamaye.

There is no direct way to earn money from Public App. If you want to earn money from Public App, then you have to first increase the number of your follower by uploading videos regularly in this platform. When you have a good number of followers, then only you can earn money from Public App.

After increasing the follower, you can earn money from Public App in the following way.

  • Promotion Of By You can tell about a company’s product in your video, it is a Paid Promotion, so you can earn a lot of money through Public App.
  • yourself Of product To sell do – If you have a product of your own, then you can tell about your product to your followers and if someone buys your product, you get good earnings through Public App.

How to make video in Public App

It is very easy to make a video in Public App, you can create your own video by clicking on the + icon in the middle or you can upload the video you already have in your mobile.

How To Increase Followers On Public App

To make a video on Public App, if you keep some of the following things in mind, then the number of your followers can increase quickly.

  • Keep the video quality good.
  • Keep the voice quality in the video good too so that the viewer can understand your voice.
  • Keep uploading videos regularly.
  • Keep the location of the video right, from whichever area you are making related news, then you will also have to set the location there, only then you will get views in your video.
  • The title of the video should be related to your news, not that your title is something and you are talking about a different topic in the video.
  • Make sure to use tags in your videos as well. Tags should also be related to your video.

Benefits of using Public App

You have the following advantages of using Public App.

  • You will be updated with the activities going on in your city.
  • You can watch videos of Channel and Topic as per your choice.
  • You can share information about the news related to your area and start a small news channel of your own.
  • You can become popular through Public App.
  • When your followers increase on Public App, then you can earn money from here too.
  • Public App is an Indian application so it is also safe to use.

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FAQ For Public App in Hindi

Is the public app an Indian application?

Yes, the public app is a completely indigenous application.

Why should you use a public app?

You must be aware that in today’s time, people like to watch video content more, because the content that remains in the public app also remains in the form of the video and gradually the number of users in the public app is also increasing. In such a situation, if you put the video of news in the public app from now on, then after some time you can become popular in this application.

Does putting a video in a public app cost you money?

No, it is absolutely free, you can use Public App for free.

Can I earn money from public app?

You cannot earn money directly from public app, to earn money from public app, first you have to upload videos regularly and when your followers increase only then you can earn money from public app.

Last words: what is public app how to earn money

If you also want to be famous on your online platform then Public App is a good option for you. You can upload it in the real public app related to your area and create your own news channel. Maybe in the next few years your news channel will become a big channel in your area.

Hope you like this article written by us Public App Kya Hai In Hindi Must have liked this article Public App se Paise Kaise Kamaye You must also share it with your friends and also tell them about the Public App.

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