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What is PFI [पीएफआई फुलफार्म, पीएफआई की छापेमारी, पीएफआई संगठन, पीएफआई के ठिकाने, पीएफआई की फंडिंग, विरोधि,पीएफआई केरल, पीएफआई महाराष्ट्र, पीएफआई कर्नाटक, पीएफआई आंध्र प्रदेश, पीएफआई असम, पीएफआई दिल्ली, पीएफआई मध्य प्रदेश, पीएफआई पुडुचेरी, पीएफआई तमिलनाडू, पीएफआई उत्तर प्रदेश, पीएफआई राजस्थान, पीएफआई गिरफ्तारी, पीएफआई का ऑफिस, मिशन 2047,पीएफआई का मतलब, पीएफआई का लीडर, लेटैस्ट न्यूज़] Popular Front of India [PFI Kya hai, PFI full form, PFI stands for, meaning of PFI, PFI raid, PFI ban in india, PFI india, pfi news, pfi vs rss, pfi latest news, pfi case, pfi founder, pfi leader, pfi party, pfi flag, pfi]

Biggest raid ever by NIA. In which he conducted raids of PFI in different parts of the country. In which 12 states have participated so far. At the same time, ED has also raided many places of PFI. After which 106 people of PFI have been arrested. Today we will give you complete information about it. After all, what is PFI and how does it train people. Why is the politics of the country getting heated continuously regarding this. What is it about which a different selling has been made on every side. Today we will know about all these things.

What is PFI and its full form [PFI Full Form]

PFI ie Popular Front of India is an Islamic organization. Who always has to say only one thing, raise their voice with right. Through this, people are made aware that, you should always speak for your rights. This will raise your voice. It was established on 22 November 2006. The roots of this organization are associated with Calicut in Kerala. At the same time, its headquarters is located in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi.

Being a Muslim organization, most of its activities revolve around Muslim communities. Whenever there is talk of Muslim reservation, these people always come on the streets. Let us tell you that this organization first came into the limelight when the National Political Conference was organized on their behalf at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.
was. In which a large number of people had gathered there.

PFI spreads its legs

PFI has so far laid the foundation of its organization in 23 states across the country. While staying there, their people carry out their activities. He believes that for justice, freedom and security, we have to be always one. Not only this, he is now preparing Dalits and tribal people for this organization. So that the atrocities being committed against them can be ended.

Who is the leader of PFI [Leader of PFI]

The name of the leader of PFI is Abubakar Siddiq. Whose name has been linked to the murder of RSS leader Srinivas. Police say that PFI is involved in the murder of Srinivas.

Is PFI banned in India, [PFI Banned]

No decision has been taken on this yet. So there is no restriction on it. The Union Home Ministry had held a meeting to ban PFI. But no decision was taken in that. But Chief Justice NV Ramana and Justice Surya Kant and Justice AS Bopanna say that it has been banned in many states. There are many states in the country where it will be banned soon.

What is the purpose of mission 2047 [Purpose of Mission 2047]

PFI has prepared Mission Islam 2047 in India. The main reason for which is to make India a Muslim nation by gathering Muslim people. For this, many types of planning are also being done. Let us tell you that for this, different people of the country are selected. After that they are given a special training. After that they work for it.

How is the training conducted in Mission 2047?

According to a report, a camp was set up in Phulwari Sharif for martial arts training. In this training camp, people are given training to wield swords and knives. Along with this, many types of slogans are also raised to them.

In which states is mission 2047 spread?

Mission 2047 training camps are spread across Bihar, Kerala, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. They are given training to spread hatred.

What was found in the training camp of Mission 2047

When the police raided here, books of PFI fights, pamphlets and provocative speeches were found in it. The police have also got the paper on which its complete planning has been done.

Where does the funding of Mission 2047 come from? [Mission 2047 Funding]

Let us tell you that funding is being received from Turkey and Pakistan for this. Till now the money of this funding has been transferred to three accounts. 83 lakhs have been put in this. Police say, this is a disturbing thing. If it is not stopped ahead of time, it will cause a lot of problems.

PFI raid [PFI Raid]

NIA and ED have recently raided the locations of PFI’s Thiruvananthapuram. Four PFIs have been detained in this raid. Oma Salem, Kerala State Chief of PFI Mohd Basheer, National Secretary VP Nazruddin and National Executive member P Koya. Those who have been taken into custody today.

With this, raids are being conducted in many other states including Delhi. In which 100 places of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar are included. According to information received from sources, this can prevent terror funding.

PFI office sealed in Telangana

NIA has sealed the office of PFI in Telangana. After which the protest of PFI workers continues.

How many people were arrested from which states?

PFI has 22 from Kerala, 20 from Maharashtra, 20 from Karnataka, 5 from Andhra Pradesh, 9 from Assam, 3 from Delhi, 4 from Madhya Pradesh, 3 from Puducherry, 10 from Tamil Nadu, 8 from Uttar Pradesh and 2 from Rajasthan. There has been an arrest.

The government is suppressing the voice of the opponents

After the NIA raid, PFI General Secretary Abdul Sattar says that the voices of the people opposing the fascist regime are being suppressed by the use of agencies. An example of which was seen at midnight. When the central agencies NIA and ED raided the houses of the leaders.


Q- What is PFI?

Ans- PFI is an organization working for Muslims and Dalits.

Q- Where is the funding of PFI coming from?

Ans- The funding of PFI is coming from Turkey and Pakistan.

Q- Which hideout of PFI has been sealed?

Ans- Telangana office of PFI has been sealed.

Q- Who has bought PFI?

Ans- It was bought by the cavers.

Q- Which organization is PFI?

Ans- PFI is an extremist Islamic organization.

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