What is Light Pen (Types, Functions and Uses) Light Pen

Light Pen Kya Hai In Hindi You would hardly know about Light Pen because this type of device is used very less nowadays.

But earlier it was a very useful device. computer A lot of work can be done with its help in precision.

Light pen is an input device of computer. about which we are in this article Light Pen in Hindi I will know in full. In this article, we will tell you about the use, advantages, disadvantages etc. of light pen.

So let’s start this article without delay and know what is a light pen.

What is Light Pen (Types, Functions and Uses) - What is Light Pen

What is Light Pen

Light Pen a computer Input Device it occurs. Which is used in the computer like a mouse. Light Pen can also be called a Pointer Device.

Light Pen is run from above the computer screen. With the help of Light Pen, you can click on any icon in the computer screen, you can open it. It works in the same way as Enter and OK.

Light pen is also useful for editing any text. This device remains exactly like a pen but it cannot be written on any paper. Because it is an electronic pen. Waves of light emerge from the nib of this pen.

Light pen can only be written in the computer screen. Its most important thing is that in order to use it, there is no separate type of computer in the computer. Software Doesn’t need to be installed.

Invention of Light Pen

The prototype of the Light Pen was made in America in 1950.

The credit for the invention of the light pen goes to Ben Gurly. He invented the Light Pen in 1959 by taking the idea of ​​the mouse.

How does a light pen work?

While working in the computer, the Light Pen acts as a receptor. It makes up the pixels on the screen.

A special type of photoshell is attached to it. When the Light Pen is moved above the computer screen and its button is pressed, the electronic device that is installed in it creates the image from the light on the screen.

By finding the location of its Fotoshell Screen CPU Sends a signal to, from which the icon is selected in the computer screen and the text is edited.

Type of Light Pen

There are mainly four types of light pens –

  1. Corded Light Pen
  2. Battery Light Pen
  3. Design Light Pen
  4. LED Light Pen

1. Cord Light Pen (corded light pen,

Most of the old designs are Light Pen Corded. A pen is attached behind them. There is no need to recharge this type of pen.

2. Battery Light Pen (battery light pen)

These are cross light pens, when they are used, they produce very bright light. Its battery lasts for a long time.

3. Design Light Pen (design light pen)

This type of Light Pen is made for Designer, with the help of which Designer can make Sketch using Light.

4. LED Light Pen (LED Light Pen)

When this type of Light Pen is used, it produces bright colors.

Uses of Light Pen

Some of the main uses of light pens are as follows –

  1. computer in detail graphic design Light pen is used in this.
  2. Light pen is also used in painting.
  3. To edit text in computer screen.
  4. It is also useful to select and open the icon visible in the computer screen.
  5. Highlighting or pointing an image or text can also be done with a light pen.
  6. The light pen can also be used as a locator.

Advantages of Light Pen

  1. With the help of light pen, you can easily select the icon in the computer screen.
  2. Painting with this is very easy.
  3. Can do Graphic Design with detail.
  4. Being small, they occupy very little space.

Disadvantage of Light Pen

  1. LCD Monitor Light pen does not work with
  2. If you use the light pen after a long time, then it is difficult to operate it.

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FAQ For Light Pen in English

Which device is Lite Pen?

light pen computer is the input device.

What is the function of light pen?

With the light pen, you can select any icon in the computer screen, edit text.

Why is light pen less used now?

Light pens were used a lot earlier but in today’s time their use has become very less. The main reason for this is that it was a bit difficult to operate while working in the computer and with the advent of Touch Screen, their use has reduced a lot.

Who invented the light pen?

Light pen was used by Ben Gurly in 1959.

Conclusion: What is light pen in Hindi

Through this article we have light pen what Is ,Light Pen in Computer English) Full information given. In this we have told you about the types of light pen, its uses, advantages and disadvantages.

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