What is Leased Line Connection (Difference between Leased Line and Broadband Connection)

Leased Line connection in Hindi: In this age of technology, user’s computer until Internet Internet Service Provider (IPS) has many options to deliver. But whenever there is talk of a high speed and reliable internet connection, then the name of leased line connection definitely comes in it.

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What is Leased Line Connection (Difference between Leased Line and Broadband Connection) Leased Line connection in Hindi

What is Leased Line Connection

Leased line is a type of connection line that connects two or more sites and is a fixed line. Internet connection This means that there is no fluctuation in the data flow, the speed of the internet remains constant as if you have taken the speed of 90 Mbps while taking the connection, then till the expiry date it will give the stent speed of 90 Mbps only.

This also broadband Works just like that, just the way they work is different, as in broadband, the company provides internet to many users from the same cable, but the leased line is one’s company or the user’s own if we talk about it. For rent, monthly or yearly rent is charged in this as the user likes it, it is costlier than broad band or other connections.

For leased line connections usually fiber cable is used, it provides more bandwidth to the user with high speed internet.

How leased line works

Leased line connection is actually an agreement between the service provider and the user in which the user leases the internet connection. As we have told you above, fiber optic cable is usually used in leased line connection.

Fiber optic cable transmits Light Pluses, in which the transmitted data travels at the speed of light. Service providers establish a connection of a certain bandwidth and speed as per the requirement of the user. Once the connection is established, the user can access the Internet.

Leased Line Application

Leased line is mostly used for company or Bank Happens in Like it is done to connect a bank to its branches and the biggest reason for the company to take a leased line is its high and constant speed so that there is no hindrance in the work and the work can run smoothly and the leased line is a good customer. gives support.

Leased Line Feature

Following are the salient features of leased line connection –

  • Speed Leased lines provide access to the Internet at a good speed. The leased line speed can be up to 10Gbps depending on the service provider.
  • One similar Speed Download and upload speed are same in leased line connection.
  • Good Customer Support Service providers give good support in leased line connections.
  • dedicated bandwidth Dedicated bandwidth is available in a leased line connection, that is, you do not have to share the bandwidth with anyone else.
  • reliable performance Leased lines give uniform speed till the expiry date. The user does not face much problem regarding performance.

Difference between leased line and broadband connection

Leased line and broadband both are used to access the internet, but these two connections are completely opposite from each other. Following are some of the differences between leased line connection and broadband –

leased line connection broadband
Only the one who has taken the connection in the leased line can take the access. In broadband service, many people can access the Internet simultaneously.
Speed ​​in leased line remains fixed and does not change. Broadband speed keeps on changing.
There is no traffic in the leased line. There may be traffic in the broadband connection.
Leased line connection is done through wire, in which fiber cable is used. Broadband connection is wireless.
Leased line connections are now used in very small quantities and are costly. Broadband connections are widely used and are also cheap.
Difference between leased line and broadband connection In Hindi

Advantages of leased line connection

Following are some of the major advantages of leased line connection –

  • Leased line speed is high.
  • The leased line does not have to be shared with anyone, due to which its speed remains fast.
  • Customer support is very good, the service provider helps immediately in case of any kind of problem.
  • In this download and upload speed are equal.
  • Data does not fluctuate.
  • Leased lines are more secure than other internet connections.

Disadvantage of leased line connection

Leased line connection had many drawbacks, so it has been replaced by broadband and wireless connections. Following are some of the disadvantages of Leased Line –

  • The biggest disadvantage of Leased Line is that it is expensive as compared to other connections.
  • It takes a lot of time to install Leased Line.
  • Its installation is difficult.

Best Leased Line Provider in India

Following are some of the best leased line providers in India –

  • airtel
  • Jio
  • Vodafone
  • Railtel etc.

FAQ: leased line connection in Hindi

What is Leased Line Connectivity?

Leased line connectivity or connection is a type of high speed internet connection that connects two or more sites and its speed is constant.

What is the maximum speed of leased line?

According to the different service provider, the leased line speed ranges from 2Mbps to a maximum of 10Gbps.

Does the speed remain the same in a leased line?

Yes, the uploading and downloading speed of leased line is equal, there is no difference in it.

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Conclusion: What is Leased Line Connection in Hindi

In today’s article, we have given you complete information about what is leased line connection and how it works in very simple words, as well as given you information about the advantages and disadvantages of leased line connection.

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