What is job description, and how to write job description?

If you are looking for a job, then you must be aware of the job description. Don’t know if you have only heard its name, no matter if so, today in this article we are providing you complete information on what is job description and how to write it.

What happens nowadays is whenever you apply for a job you are provided with the job description by the employer. So that you can decide for yourself whether you are eligible for that job or not. Apart from this, when you are looking for a job, do not forget to read its job description, so that you can understand the responsibilities of that job very well.

Job description is very important for both a company that is looking to hire an employee and an employee who is eager to get a job in a company. The company which is hiring the employees has to give the details of that job so that eligible and suitable candidates can apply for that job.

What is job description?

A job description is a written description of a job that a company puts out for the purpose of recruiting a qualified candidate for a position. It contains a written description of the functions, responsibilities, duties, skills, qualifications, etc. of that position.

In the job description, it is emphasized that what is the necessary qualification and skill required for the post to be recruited? What are the specific tasks the candidate will have to do on that post, and what are the responsibilities he will have to discharge.

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Why is job description important?

As we mentioned earlier that job descriptions are of great importance for both organizations and employees, generally such descriptions are used to manage employees in organizations and companies. That is, it is helpful in giving different responsibilities to different people according to their experience, qualification, skill, education.

In such a situation, whenever any organization has to make any recruitment on any post, then the job description is very important in that process. So that both the manager working in that organization and the applicant applying for that job can understand well about the role of that job.

  • Because without a job description, it is difficult for the manager to assess the performance of his team member, while the person doing the job does not consider himself accountable for any one task.
  • So it can be said that job description not only helps in managing the employees in an organization, but it also improves the efficiency of the organization in many ways etc.
  • What are the hopes and expectations of a company or organization on its employee, it becomes clear from the job description.
  • When the performance of an employee is to be measured, it helps the manager to measure the performance.
  • Provides clear details to the applicants to apply for the post for which the recruitment is to be done.
  • Helps the company to assign different responsibilities to different employees. So that all the work of a company can be completed on time.
  • Job descriptions are used by managers to measure the performance of their team members. On the basis of which they are able to increase or decrease in promotion and salary.

Apart from this, there are many such activities, which may not be possible to reach without job description.

How to write a Job Description

As we have mentioned earlier that job description accurately explains the duties and responsibilities of that particular job. When written well, it gives a realistic picture of the job and what the candidate for that particular role might actually be required to do.

Therefore, to make any recruitment on any post, first of all it is necessary to write a job description. If you yourself are working in the recruitment category of Human Resource department of a company, then you need to write job description for many job profiles again and again. So let us know how to write an effective job description.

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enter job title

Job title is used first in writing job description. In fact, it is called post or post in simple language. Generally, as soon as people hear the title of a job, they make a rough estimate of what work they may have to do in it. For example, “Digital Marketing Manager” is a job title, which clearly indicates that the company is seeking applications for the position of Manager in the Digital Marketing department.

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write the objective of the job

Why is the company needing to recruit for that position? What is the work that the company wants to get done after filling that post? That is, what is the work that is being affected by the absence of someone on that post?

Usually the job objective is helpful in providing a high level overview of the role, level and scope of duties. It helps the company understand why it wants to recruit for that particular position, and also makes it clear to the candidate what are the objectives of the company to be served by the candidate.

write about duties and responsibilities

This is the most important part of a job description, which candidates spend most of their time reading. In this, the tasks and responsibilities to be done in that job are written briefly. For example, if the description of the tasks and responsibilities of a digital marketing manager can be written in this way.

  • Planning and executing all types of digital marketing campaigns. To this can be added terms like SEO/SEM, social media, display advertising.
  • Performing duties ranging from design to content creation and publishing to create and enhance the company’s presence on social media.
  • Generating reports to measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns. and measuring the performance of campaigns through return on investment and key performance indicators.
  • Improving the performance of digital campaigns by identifying new digital marketing trends and insights.
  • Collaborate with other teams or individuals wherever required, so that work related to digital campaigns is not disrupted.

All this was just an example where we tried to find out how to write about the duties and responsibilities of a digital marketing manager. You can use the same style when writing job descriptions for other positions as well.

Write about the qualifications required for the job

Who can be a suitable candidate to do a job. To assess this, you need to know about the education, experience and qualification required to do that job. For example, if you are writing a job description for the post of a software engineer, you will not recruit a simple graduate candidate.

Rather, you will be looking for a candidate whose education background is related to computer, software, etc., so you may have BCA, MCA, B.Sc in Computer Software. Tech etc. candidates will be given preference. And also ask for some professional experience as well.

Therefore, first of all, try to know which study or course is suitable for the post for which you are writing job description. Then assess professional experience and other skills and knowledge that may be required for the position.

write about preferred qualifications

When you have written about general experience, skills and education. You can then add some additional preferred qualifications to the job description. This additional preferred qualifications help to find the most suitable and best candidate for that position.

For example, if you are writing a job description for a Digital Marketing Manager, you can include certification courses in digital marketing as additional preferred qualifications along with the required experience.

Write about job status

There may be some jobs that require certain intellectual or physical abilities. These may require some special physical height, weight, intellectual ability. For example, if a job involves the use of physical strength, then a stocky young man in which his height and weight can also be mentioned.

If there is any work of lifting weights etc., then it can also be included in the job description.

Why is job description important?

Job Description (JD) is essential to understand any job as it explains the duties, responsibilities, required education, skill qualifications of a job.

Who needs to write a job description?

Employees working in a recruitment agency or the human resource department of a company may need to write a job description.

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