What is Image Optimization? [Best Tool World Wide 2022] How to optimize images?

What is Image Optimization?[Best Tool World Wide] How to optimize images?

Hello friends, welcome to my blog whose name is “What is Image Optimization? How to optimize images!“Today’s blog is going to be very interesting for you guys. In today’s short topic, we will learn what is Image Optimization and what are its benefits.

You are also going to get a small surprise at the end of this blog, so read this blog till the end.

Bloggers who have started new blogging do not have much knowledge of Image Optimization, only then they have to initially pay attention to a lot of things so that their blog comes on Google’s top search results.

By doing Image Optimization, you can create a huge opportunity for you so that your blog (on the basis of image) can rank in Google’s Image search engine.

Without delay let’s start today’s blog

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is a process by which we compress the size of our image. Image Optimization On-Page SEO is part of. By doing Image Optimization, you can rank the blog in image search results on the basis of images.

With Image Optimize, you can make your blog SEO friendly. Many people also search images on the Internet, of which I am also. And whatever images we are seeing in the search results are already ranking. This means that you can also optimize your image and rank it.

Benefits of Image Optimization | Benefits of Optimizing Images

  • Improves page load speed

Website page speed depends on many factors like website layout, design, images etc. About 65% of website weight is due to images, so if you optimize all website images well, you will definitely see a big change in your website loading speed.

  • Improves site user experience

Visitors like websites that open in less than 2 seconds. So if you can successfully optimize all your website images, you can provide them with a better overall user experience.

  • Website SEO helps in increasing the ranking.

Who does not want to see their website at the top of the search ranking? Image optimization can be a powerful weapon for this. A search engine like Google prefers a website that takes less time to load. Google ranks these websites higher in their search results.

  • Save server memory and reduce server load.

Image optimization is very useful in saving server memory and it reduces extra server load.

For exampleYou have 2 same images, one image size is 900kb and another image size is 340kb. Then the second image will put less load on the server and it will also save your bandwidth.

As we have already discussed, image optimization helps in getting a high rank in search results. This simply means that your website can capture more users and you can possibly get more conversions.

According to KissMetrics, a delay of 1 sec in page load time can reduce user satisfaction by 16%. And 40% of users leave the website if it takes more than 3 sec to load. That’s why image optimization is very important, especially in e-com websites.

How to optimize an image? , How to do Image Optimization?

First of all you have to select the image which you have to compress.

After that you have to rename that image. In this step you must be thinking that why is this step so important? Whenever you download any image, its file name looks something like this – xhjsjdma.jpeg which is not SEO friendly at all.

If you want to make your image SEO friendly, then you have to use keywords in your image as well. like your keyword is Best School In Mumbai So you have to write something like this in the image best-school-in-mumbai

You can resize your image according to the image of the first blog. Resizing the image is inbuilt in the computer. With the help of which you can easily resize the image.

Now it’s time to optimize the image. You will find many tools on the Internet so that you can compress your images.

But in this step I will tell you a free tool that I use myself and this tool is much faster than you think. I have used 50+ tools on the internet and this is the fastest and multi-function tool.

Will both resize and compress your image and that tool is also very responsive.

The name of that tool is – Squoosh.app

Note – Compress the image only in .webp. .webp is Google’s image format which Google keeps on priority. And it compresses the image a lot, that too without degrading the image.


Friends, I think you have this little blog of mine whose name is “What is Image Optimization? How to optimize images!“Surely you would understand. This tool is absolutely free. And after reading this blog, if you have any kind of question or suggestion, then definitely tell me by writing in the comment section below.

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FAQ on Image Optimization

What is the purpose of Image Optimization?

The purpose of Image Optimization is to reduce the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality, so that the loading time of your page is reduced.

Does optimizing photos reduce quality?

Image optimization is a process of saving and delivering images in the smallest possible file size without reducing the overall image quality.

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