What is IBC Bada Business, how to earn money. IBC Bada Business

What is IBC big business?: There would hardly be any user among you who would not know Dr. Vivek Bindra ji. Dr. Vivek Bindra Ji is an International Motivational Speaker and Business Coach, he also has a Youtube channel in which he teaches many things for free.

Along with this, Dr. Vivek Bindra also has a company named Bada Business. There are many products related to business in Bada Business through which they grow the business of the company. By becoming an IBC, you can become a business partner of big business.

Before becoming an IBC, you should have complete information about it such as What is IBC model, how to make IBC, what work is done in IBC, how much is the fee of IBC, how to earn money from IBC And so on. Read this article till the end to get all this information related to IBC.

So let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time and know more – What is IBC in Hindi?

What is IBC Bada Business, how to earn money - IBC Bada Business In Hindi

Full name of IBC (IBC Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of IBC is Independent Business Consultant, which in Hindi means “Independent Business Consultant”. Business Consultants are business partners of the company in a way, so they play an important role in the growth of the company.

What is IBC (What is IBC Big Business in Hindi)

IBC is a Mini-Franchise of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s company Bada Business through which any person can become a business partner of big business and promote their products. Whenever a person joins IBC, the trainers of big business give him training, so that he can grow his business very quickly.

You don’t need an office or employees to start an IBC, and you don’t have to be punctual. You can work from home at any time as per your convenience. IBC provides you an opportunity to earn while you learn. In its learning program, you are taught about EAE (Everything About Entrepreneurship) programming.

Working independently, an IBC has to explain and sell people about the products of big business, in return IBC earns up to 40 percent commission. The main job of an IBC is to recommend great business courses to customers based on their business needs.

Who is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an Entrepreneur and an International Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. one in his own name YouTube There is also a channel which has more than 2 crore subscribers. Dr. Vivek Bindra ji has the world’s largest Entrepreneurship YouTube channel.

There are more than 500 videos on Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel. He is also known for creating a free learning university on YouTube. He has inspired people by giving training in more than 25 countries around the world. Along with this, he has also worked as a trusted advisor for more than 500 corporates in India.

How to become IBC (IBC Kaise Bane)

To join IBC, you have to contact the Consultants of big business. You can contact the consultants of big business by calling on the number given below or by messaging on Whatsapp.

  • Bada Business Consultants Contact Number – 09815711443

To join IBC, you have to share some of your basic information with your Consultant and along with that you have to deposit Joining Fees. Invoice comes to you within 1 hour of completing the process and then your training process starts.

How much is the fee of IBC (IBC Price)

To join IBC, you have to pay Rs 59,500 + 18 percent GST i.e. total Rs 70210. In this money, you get back 45 thousand in the form of Code Reversal. If you do not have that much money at once, then you can also pay through EMI. Here you get the EMI option of 6 months or 12 months.

In IBC, you get Lifetime Unlimited Learning and Earning only on this nominal fee. In IBC, apart from Dr. Vivek Bindra, you get a chance to learn from big businessmen, CEOs etc. The fees are nothing compared to the learning you get here.

  • IBC Fees – 59,500 + 18% GST = 70210

The main purpose of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s fees in the IBC program is that he wants to make only dedicated people his business partner. Whoever is ready to give 70 thousand rupees means that he wants to do something in his life. And usually you must have seen that there is no value of free things.

How is the training after joining IBC?

After joining IBC, you are assigned a trainer, regional manager and channel partner. Those who are trainers come on Zoom and give you live training. Usually in IBC you get training from 3 days to 15 days, in which you are taught about many things like –

  • digital marketing
  • business skills
  • consultancy skills
  • how to generate customers
  • how to make your own company
  • how to double business
  • how to marketing
  • how to grow your network
  • Sales and many more.

Who conducts training in IBC?

In IBC, you get a chance to learn from big businessmen, CEOs etc. of the country along with Dr. Vivek Bindra. You can see in the image below who teaches an IBC.

ibc bad business

Who can become an IBC?

All these people can become IBC –

  • student
  • Teacher
  • housewife
  • professional people
  • employed
  • freelancer
  • Entrepreneur

What to do in IBC?

Now here the question must be coming in your mind that what do we have to do after becoming an IBC. So friends, by becoming an ICB, you have to promote a big business, that is, all the products of Dr. Vivek Bindra ji, such as Business Coaching Program, 1 to 1 Consulting, IBC, Case Study, Corporate Training, etc.

IBC is an Authorized Person of big business who can promote any product of big business. IBC gets commission ranging from 25 to 40 percent according to the product on each sale. Through which an IBC can easily earn from 50 thousand to 10 lakh rupees per month.

Now friends, another question comes that how will you get customers to whom you have to sell the product. So all the customers come to you through digital marketing. Big business provides the service of digital marketing to IBC. In this, you are provided with complete information from running the ad to closing the customer. Big business trainers provide you all this information.

Simply put, by becoming an IBC, you have to make people understand all the products of the big business and in this you get a commission for each sale.

How much commission is received in IBC (IBC Commission Slab)

As we told you above, an IBC earns 25 to 40 percent commission on selling products of big business. Let us now understand through a table that what percentage of commission you get for selling a product worth Rs.

price range commission
0 to 99,000 25%
100,000 to 199,000 28%
200,000 to 299,000 31%
300,000 to 399,000 34%
400,000 to 499,000 37%
Above 500000 40%

Benefits of becoming an IBC (Benefits Of Becoming an IBC In Hindi)

You get many benefits of becoming an IBC, out of which we have told you further about some of its benefits.

  • You get a chance to learn from Live Dr. Vivek Bindra.
  • You do not need any office to start IBC.
  • IBC gives you the opportunity to earn along with learning.
  • You get to learn from Billionaire Businessman, CEO, Chairman etc.
  • You can also take IBC full time, in this you get full customer support.
  • You will get free access to all future courses.
  • You can work at any time as per your convenience.
  • In IBC, you get to learn about the nuances of business so that you can do your business in future.
  • If you work properly, you can easily earn 50 thousand to 10 lakh rupees a month.
  • You also get a chance to travel abroad in IBC.
  • There is no chain system or target.

How to earn money from IBC (IBC Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

After reading the article till now, you must have understood that how to earn money by becoming an IBC.

When you join IBC, then you have the authority to promote the products of big business. By becoming an IBC, you promote the products of big business with the help of digital marketing and make people understand about their products.

Whenever any person buys a big business product from you, you get a commission ranging from 25 to 40 percent, which is your income from IBC. An IBC can easily earn from 50 thousand to 5 lakh rupees in a month.

You can work in IBC part time or full time according to your schedule. Many IBCs earn 10 lakhs or more a month by working full time. In IBC you have the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime.

So friends, this is how an IBC earns money.

FAQs: Earn money from IBC big business

What does IBC mean?

IBC stands for Independent Business Consultant which is called Independent Business Consultant in Hindi.

What is the fee to join IBC?

The full fee for joining IBC is Rs 70,210. Out of which Rs 59,500 is the fee and 18 percent GST is included. You get a return of Rs 45,000 out of the IBC fees.

Who is the owner of IBC?

The owner of IBC is Dr. Vivek Bindra, International Motivational Speaker and Business Coach.

How to earn money from IBC?

To earn money from IBC, first you have to join it and then you have to promote the products of big business and make people understand about them. When any person buys a big business product from you, you get some percentage of its commission, which usually ranges from 25 to 40 percent.

read them and earn money

conclusion, how to earn money from big business in hindi

If seen then there is no harm in doing this business because the learning you will get here has no value. In IBC, you also get Earning along with Lifetime Learning. Here you are explained about every nuance of doing business so that you can achieve success in business.

I hope you guys like this article written by us. What is IBC and how to earn money from IBC Must have liked it. If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask us in the comment box, we will reply you soon. Also share this article with your friends on social media and also tell them about IBC.

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