What is HTML and How to Learn HTML Coding for Free (HTML in Hindi)

What is HTML In Hindi – if you coding/programming If you are interested in HTML then you must have heard about HTML and maybe you will know a little bit about HTML.

HTML A computer The language of which is the Basic Language. In today’s article we will tell you What is HTML, what are the types of HTML, What are HTML Tags And How to Learn HTML for Free Like will answer all the questions.

After reading this article completely, you will know a lot about HTML, so read this article completely, do not miss anywhere so that no important information is missed, so let’s start without delay and know HTML what happens,

What is HTML

HTML whose full name is Hypertext Markup Language, it is a language of the computer which is used to create the webpage.

What is HTML and how to learn HTML coding for free What is HTML in Hindi

Simply put, HTML is a programming language with the help of which new webpages can be created. We our’s Web Browser All the webpages I see are made in HTML itself. There are many types of tags in HTML.

When the Internet was started, HTML language was used to create a website at that time. But today technology has become very advanced and today there are many computer languages ​​with the help of which websites can be created.

HTML Full Form

HTML of Full Form Is – Hypertext Markup Language

In this, each word has a different meaning, which we understand one by one –

Hypertext Hypertext is a text in which there is a link on the text. You must have seen many webpages in which there is a link in any one text and by clicking on it, you reach another webpage. This text itself is called Hypertext.

Markup Language – It is a computer language that is used to create the structure of a webpage. HTML Tag is used to create a webpage in HTML. The text that comes between each tag has some mark, such as Heading, Bold, Table, Paragraph, Italic etc. This is called Markup.

Apart from HTML, there are other markup languages ​​such as XML, BBC, DHTML etc. But HTML is the most popular of these.

Who Invented HTML (Who Invented HTML In Hindi)

HTML was discovered in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee. Lee in 1989 WORLD WIDE WEB (World Wide Web) was also discovered.

For this achievement, Lee was named in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most important people in the world of the 20th century.

Tim Berners Lee was a physicist. He is also called Father of HTML.

Features of HTML

  • HTML is an easy language, anyone can learn it.
  • HTML to any Operating System Can be opened in .
  • In this we can add Link, and also Image Video can also be added to the webpage.
  • with HTML CSS With the help of this, the webpage can be made attractive.

Use of HTML

HTML is mainly used to create a webpage or web document.

HTML History

HTML was discovered in the 90s and still many changes are taking place in it and new versions of HTML keep coming from time to time.

Currently the responsibility of HTML is with an organization named World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Types of HTML

Now we know about all the versions of HTML.


This is the first version of HTML, after the creation of HTML in 1990, for the first time in 1991, a document named HTML Tag was released, in which 18 elements of HTML were told.

HTML 1.0 (HTML One.Zero)

HTML 1.0 was published in 1993. Its use Internet But information was used to share. It could be read by opening it in a web browser.

HTML 2.0 (HTML To.Zero)

HTML 2.0 was published in 1995, some other features were added to it such as Image Tag.

HTML 3.2 (HTML Three.Two)

A new version of HTML was published in 1997. It was made by the W3C company. HTML 3.2 was an advance from all the earlier versions, many new tags were added to it.

HTML 4.0 (HTML Four.Zero)

HTML 4.0 was published in 1998, with some minor changes.

HTML 4.1 (HTML Four.One)

In 1999 a new version of HTML was published which was named HTML 4.1. This version of HTML was very successful and it was used everywhere. Most of the websites are built in this.

HTML 5.0 (HTML Five.Zero)

This is the latest version of HTML so far. It was air published in 2014. Many new tags have been included in this.

Basic Structure of HTML

The basic structure of HTML is the same in all webpages, so it is important to learn it before learning coding.

HTML document has 3 parts

  • Main Container :
  • Head Section :
  • Body Section :

Simple Structure of HTML Document

<!DOCTYPE html >
            <title> Title of the webpage </title>
            Content of the webpage
  • DTD ( DOCTYPE ) tells the browser that these documents are in HTML.
  • After DTD, a container has to be created which contains all the elements. It is denoted by .
  • is used to create the head section, in which information about the webpage has to be written. Like Title, Meta Element, Link Element.
  • After this comes the Body Section where our Main Content resides which we want to show to the whole user. Like – Paragraph, Heading, Image etc.
  • In the end, with the help of closing tags the entire document is closed.

Basic HTML Tag

If you want to learn HTML, then for this you must have the knowledge of Basic Tag of HTML. There are about 120 tags in HTML 5.0, but some basic tags which are mainly useful are as follows –

  • HTML Tag
  • Head Tag < head >
  • Title Tag
  • Body Tag < body >
  • Heading Tag < h1 >
  • Paragraph Tag < p >

  • Link Tag < link>
  • Image Tag < Img >


With the help of this tag, the browser is told that this document is written in HTML.


This is the Main HTML Tag, it is also called Main Container, from this the making of HTML document is started. There are other elements inside the container itself. And finally to close the web page, html closing tag < /html > is used.

Head Tag < head >

Head tag is used to create the header in the webpage, there are also other tags inside it, with the help of which give information to the webpage, eg,