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Everything is going digital due to the availability of internet. And this is the reason why every business owner wants to sell their products online. To promote the products, they want to show them on Google and run Shopping Ads.

To understand the whole process you have to understand about Google Merchant Center. Business owners doing online sales need to fully understand about Google Merchant Center so that they can increase their sales.

In this Google Merchant Center (in hindi) guide, you will learn about the following topics:

• What is Google Merchant Center? What is Google Merchant Center (in Hindi)?
• What are the benefits of Google Merchant Center?
• How to set up Google Merchant Center?
• Much more in detail.

So let’s know in detail about Google Merchant Center.

What is Google Merchant Center? Google Merchant Center (in hindi)

Google Merchant Center is a unique digital platform or dashboard where online businesses can manage their presence across all Google e-commerce products and make changes to their online offerings as needed.

The main goal of Google Merchant Center is to allow businesses to upload and retain product information, including images and prices, so that they appear in relevant Google Shopping searches. Other Google services like Google My Business etc. have also been integrated with Google Merchant Center for strong monitoring and control of Google-based marketing and e-commerce.

What is the cost of using Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is absolutely free to set up and use. You can upload your product inventory for free. One can use the Google Merchant Center (GMC) for free product listings on the Google Shopping tab.

But if you want to run Google Shopping ads, you have to pay for it and this is the primary reason for setting up Google Merchant Center. The cost depends on the type of payment model. There are two main payment models:

Cost Per Click (CPC): In this payment model, you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Cost per engagement (CPE), CPE In the model, you pay when someone expands and engages, scrolls or taps on a displayed ad for more than ten seconds.

What are the benefits of Google Merchant Center?

The most important advantage of Google Merchant Center is that through this you can run Google Shopping Ads for your products. Google Merchant Center allows you to enter the necessary information about your products through the product feed, which is necessary to run a shopping ad. Shopping advertising is the best way to reach your potential customers and increase online sales.

Your products in the absence of Google Merchant Center (GMC) google shopping but will not be displayed. Also, you will not be able to run Shopping Ads until you submit sufficient product information to your GMC account.

This is very useful for selling your products directly to consumers online. it’s definitely your digital marketing strategy should be an essential part of

How to Create Google Merchant Center Account?

You can easily set up a Google Merchant Center account with the steps below:

1. Create an account. Create Google Merchant Center Account

First, you need to create an account to start using Google Merchant Center. This can be done with the help of Gmail or Google My Business account. You can use your pre-existing Gmail or Google My Business to sign in to Google Merchant Center.

2. Visit the Google Merchant Center website

After creating your account, you have to go to the Google Merchant Center website. Now click on “Get Started” to set up your Google Merchant Center profile.

google merchant center account creation

3. Fill in your Business Information

Now you have to fill your business information. Here you have to enter details like company country, name and website address. Also, you need to add additional information like your name and email id.

submit business information in Google Merchant Center

4. Upload Your Products

Now, when you want to run Google Shopping Ads and local inventory ads, you need to upload your products first. You can create a list of products that you can choose to promote on Google. For this you need to create a Google Merchant Center feed.

When you run your ads, Google uses this feed as a data source to create your ads.

You can add your products by following steps:

1. Log in to your Google Merchant Center Account.
2. Now go to the “Products” category and click on “Feeds”.
3. Here you have to click on the “+” sign.
4. Here you can either input your data manually or upload your catalog information in a .TXT or .CSV file.
5. Submit your feed now.

You can upload your entire inventory to your feed. Google allows you to upload your data from:

• Google Sheets
• Scheduled fetch
• Uploaded file

When you upload your products, you should include essential product information such as:

• ID
• Title
• Brand Name
• Category
• Description
• Link
• Image link
• Availability
• Price

You must submit your product data every 30 days to maintain an ‘Active’ status for your products and to run ads consistently. However, if the data in your feed changes, you should do this more often. This change includes the addition of new products, removal of old products, out-of-stock products, price changes, offers, discounts, etc.

The maximum limit for updating your feed is four times a day.

feed submission in Google Merchant Center

5. Showcase Your Products

Now that you have uploaded your products you can start displaying them. Through Google Merchant Center, you can get your products displayed in related searches from Shopping Ads to local inventory.

showcase your products in Google Merchant Center

How to advertise through Google Merchant Center?

After setting up your Google Merchant Center account, you will get some new advertising options as mentioned below:

1. Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are the most popular ad format through the Google Merchant Center. You can see in the image below that these ads are showing up on top search results and display your products in a carousel-like format along with products from other brands.

google shopping ads through google merchant center

In this type of ad you can show details like product name, price, seller name, unique attribute (product reviews, free shipping, etc.).

These types of ads will be very useful and your products will be visible to people searching for the products you offer.

2. Local Inventory ads

Local inventory ads mainly target nearby buyers. This ad focuses on showing your products to local buyers. People searching for the products you deal with will see your ads and land on your store’s Google Page. Buyers visit your Page and see your products, prices, store hours, directions, and more. Through this advertisement, buyers get to know about you what you have and they can visit your business to buy the product.

You can view the full playlist on Google Merchant Center here.

Difference between Google Shopping Ads and Local Inventory Ads

The primary difference between the two ads is that you must have a physical store for Local Inventory Ads. Because the goal of these ads is to increase the number of local people visiting your store. So you can’t run these ads if you don’t have a physical store.

On the other hand, Google Shopping Ads can be run by any type of business whether it is an e-commerce store or a physical store.

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Last Words on Google Merchant Center

Now, it’s clear that if you’re really interested in getting your products to as many people online as possible, then Google Merchant Center is the right place to start. As mentioned in the blog, it is very easy to set up.

You can upload your products in one place and even run ads targeting the right people looking for your products.

best google merchant center service company

If you have the time and are ready to learn you can do it yourself, but if you don’t have time to do it you can get advice from an experienced company. Google Merchant Center Management Services Can get it.

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