What is Google Forms? How to install Google Forms on your website?

Google Forms kya hai: do you know that What is Google Forms? Why and how can it be used. “Google Forms” is a very good service launched by Google which is used to create any type of form or survey page. Today in this post we google forms Will tell about it in detail. This post is going to be very helpful for you so read this post completely.

If you are a blogger or have a website, you can still collect the response of the viewers by creating a form and putting it in the contact page of your website. Also, you can share through the link in other places. So let’s know first What is Google Forms?

What is Google Forms How to use it

What is Google Forms? (What is Google Forms in Hindi?)

as we offline ms office use the same way Google has Documents, seats, sliders for creating online documents, surveys, presentations, etc. And have created a package of forms that you can use online. First of all, select Documents, Sliders and Seats 9 March 2006 was launched and on 6 February 2008, a Google Form was added to all three.

Google Forms It is a type of tool that allows the user to collect information through surveys, job applications, contact forums and personal work. You can save it online in free storage. The data received through these forms can be received in the form of email notifications or can also be viewed on the website of Google Forms. This data is yours google drive Of Cloud Storage It is saved by going in which there is no fear of being deleted or erased. You must have a Google account to use it.

How to login to Google Forms? (Google Forms sign in Hindi)

google forms To log in or sign in, you must have a Gmail ID. if you Google Chrome If you go from or are browsing from a browser in which Google account is already added or login, then immediately in front of you Google Forms Will open Otherwise you will have to login using your Gmail ID and Password. For this you have to follow the following steps –

  1. First in Google’s Search Box.Google FormsType ” and hit enter. After this a result page will appear in front of you in which there will be many websites.
  2. First Google Forms will appear in the result page, click on it.
  3. If you want, in the address bar of the browser https://www.google.com/forms/about/ You can also go to Google Forms by typing this Link by clicking on Google Forms can open.
  4. If you are already logged in with your Google Account, then Google Forms will open in front of you. Otherwise a login page will appear in front of you.
  5. Enter your email id and password there and after that Google Forms will open in front of you.
  6. Then on the home page of Google Forms, you will find something with features. template will appear. With the help of this, you can easily create different types of documents with the help of Google Forms. Forms can make.

How to Create Google Forms? (How to create Google Forms in Hindi?

Follow the steps mentioned below to create Google Forms –

Step 1: Finding Google Forms

First of all, open any favorite browser on your computer and search for Google Forms. First of all, open Google Forms by clicking on the result. After that you will see two options Personal and Google Workspace in which you can use first for personal use and second for your business. So first click on Personal option.

Step 2: Prepare the new form

To create the first and new Google form, many different templates will appear on the home page. There you’ll see a plus (+) icon that lets you create a new form. Click on the + icon on the left. After clicking on the + icon, a new page will open in front of you where you have to design the fields of the forms. Here first of all you will see a blank form whose name will be written as Untitled. You can give it a new name. In this way you can create a list of new forms.

Step 3: create first form

Now you can prepare your first google form i.e. first question paper. For this you first go to the questions option. Now instead of untitled form, you write the title name of your form. Similarly, give the description related to your phone on the form description.

Step 4: Adding Important Fields

Now in your question paper United questions options Add your first question in place of . as well as you add other options With the help of this you can create as many options as you want. You can also use different choices in your Google Form by clicking on the multiple choice option.

Under the multiple choice option, you get many options like type of button, paragraph, short answer, linear scale And date time And so on.

This way you can add as many questions as you want. If you want to see a preview while creating Google Forms, you can do so by clicking on the preview button on the top right. Also if you want to share the created form with any other then click on send and enter e-mail id and click on send button given below.

Along with this, you can also put this form on your website. Click on Share for this Embed option use. then in front of you Javascript code Which will come to you on the page of your website Code Editor To add in. After this you can collect the details to be entered in this form from your website.

Click on the icon on the right row, column, grid, date and time We use our option form You can do it while making. Apart from this, there are many other options as well which let us know.

Main options for creating Google Forms (Important Google forms setting)

Now let’s know about some of the main options so that you do not have any problem in creating Google Forms. For this, it is very important for you to pay attention to the following things –

1. Start a new form: You will see this option on the home page of Google Forms, where a + sign will appear. Clicking on it will take you to the new Google Form from where you can create a new form.

2. Untitled form: Before creating a new form, you are required to enter the title of the new form. You write your title in place of the untitled form. Having a title is very important to understand the online form.

3. Form description: After the title, you have to write what your form is about on this option. You can create any type of form. For example, if you want to make a survey form or a children’s question paper, then you have to write a description about it.

4. Multiple choice: For how you want to give any form to you, you will know only after clicking on the option of multiple choice. With this option you can add multiple choice questions to your form.

5. Add questions: By going to this option you can add many questions. You can also use this option to create objective questions.

6. T-icon: By clicking on this option of Google Form, you can change the title and description of your Google Form. You may need this option if you are creating an alternate form.

7. Image icon: On clicking this option, a popup will open in front of you from where you can add the image to your form. Here you get many options to insert the image. You can insert the image from Google Drive if you want, or you can insert the image from your device if you want. Or you can also click and insert an image using the camera.

8. Video icon: With this option you can insert a Youtube video in your Forms. On clicking this icon, a popup opens where you get the option to search for the video and enter the URL. Here you can insert that video by entering the Youtube video URL.

9. Section icon: With this option, you can divide the forms into two sections. By clicking on this option in the section you are in, your forms are divided into two sections. It is used to start a new section in Forms. Or this option is there to close the form section wise. To increase the section, you can use the add section which is on the right side.

10. Setting: To set up Google Forms, you click on the Settings option. You can add your email, view presentation and set up quizzes forms option. There are many other options in the Settings of Google Forms that you can use. For this, it is necessary to practice to build the form consistently. For practice, you will also get to see some demo forms on the home page, which you can make your form by seeing or making some changes in it.

How to get Google Forms notification on email?

You have two ways to view the data received from Google Forms. Either you can come to Google Forms and go to the Response section and see the data filled by other people. Or you can get its notification by email. For this follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, create a form and share it or publish it on the website.
  2. After that open Forms and come to Responses section.
  3. From here you can view or manage or delete the filled forms or data.
  4. Now click on the three dot icon appearing on the right.
  5. After this, click on the first option Get email notifications for new responses appearing there.
  6. Now when anyone fills this form, you will get its notification through email.

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last word,

Today in this post I told that What is Google Forms? ,What is Google Forms in Hindi) One how to create new form or filled How to get notification of forms by email. I hope this information will be helpful for you.

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