What is Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Platform In Hindi)

Google Cloud Platform In Hindi: Cloud Computing It is very popular in today’s time. There are many companies in the market that offer cloud storage services, but the most popular in cloud computing is Google Cloud which is used by general users, web developers, cloud managers etc. all over the world.

but do you know What is Google Cloud? Google cloud Work How does Is, Google cloud Who? C Service provide does Is, And Google cloud Of Advantages what Huh, If not then you have come to the right blog. Through today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Google Cloud.

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Google Cloud Platform Review

service name Google Cloud Platform
Service Category Cloud Computing
operated by Google
when was it launched 7 April 2008

What is Google Cloud? (Google Cloud in Hindi)

What is Google Cloud Platform, how does it work (Google Cloud Platform In Hindi)

Google Cloud Platform, also known as Google Cloud, was launched on 7 April 2008. Google The company was launched The Google cloud platform is a group of cloud computing systems provided by Google. Google cloud platform services Internet The service can be accessed by a web developer, cloud manager or IT professional.

The Google cloud provides computing resources to build an application on the web. With Google Cloud, you can create and manage websites and applications in a Google-like structure.

your google service Gmail, google map, youtube, google drive, google photos, Google Docs You must have heard about etc. and you must have used them, all these applications run in Google cloud only.

After reading the article till here, we came to know that What is Google Cloud In HindiNow, we will give you all the other important information about Google Cloud, which you hardly know.

Google Cloud Service

Google cloud platform provides service in many areas which are given below.

  • computer services
  • big data services
  • Management Tools
  • networking
  • artifical Intelligence
  • internet of things
  • storage services

Following are the major cloud services in the Google Cloud platform –

#1 – Google App Engine

Google App Engine provides a fully managed serverless platform for developers to develop and host large scale applications. Many popular for you to make the app programming language like PHP, Python etc. can be selected.

#2 – Google Computing Engine

Google Computing Engine is a customizable compute service that allows users to create and run virtual machines on Google’s basic infrastructure. With the help of this service, you can create a virtual machine according to your needs.

#3 – Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a service to store user’s files in Google Cloud. You can save any file from your device by uploading it to Google Cloud. Your file is stored in Google Cloud for years and you can access the file whenever you want.

#4 – Google Container Engine

Google Container Engine is developed to run and manage the Docker container used in Google’s public cloud. Google Container Engine is powered by the open source Kubernetes system which was originally created by Google to manage containers.

GKE schedules all the containers in a cluster and then manages them automatically based on defined conditions and requirements.

#5 – Data Processing

google cloud data Also provides the service of processing which also includes analytics. Google Cloud Dataflow is also present in the platform which provides Apache Spark and Hadoop service for large scale data processing.

#6 – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence That is, AI provides Google with a cloud machine learning engine. It is also a type of service that enables the user to understand machine learning models.

#7 – Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things

Google also provides its services to the Internet of Things. It includes the service of Google cloud IoT core which is a series of managed services with the help of which users can access and manage data using IoT devices.

How does Google Cloud work?

Google cloud’s work is done on a large scale hardware And Software Accesses the tool remotely The user can access any tool through the web interface. Users can use resources according to the need to create their own website. Google cloud gives you many options, you can access any tool to create the structure of your choice.

Google Cloud Price

Talking about the cost of Google cloud, you have to pay like any other cloud platform. By the way, there is no fixed price in this, whatever cloud resource you use, you have to pay only for it, everyone has a different price. google cloud pay as you go Follows the model.

Google Cloud Certificate

Google cloud platform does cloud-related training programs and also provides certificates which include cloud infrastructure, data learning, machine learning and application development etc. You can get 3 Google cloud certificates –

  • Certified professional cloud architect
  • Certified professional data engineer
  • Certified professional G suite administrator

Advantages of Google cloud

Now let’s talk about the advantages of Google cloud which are given below-

  • Through cloud storage, we can access the data saved in our cloud anywhere and anytime.
  • Google cloud is a better option for security, it is used more due to its good security.
  • Google cloud is cost efficient because you have to pay only for the resources you are using.
  • Google Cloud also gives you facilities like recovery and backup.
  • Google Cloud Automation also gives you the option of synchronize.
  • Google Cloud Platform provides cloud-related training programs, users can get a certificate by taking cloud training and get a job in good companies.
  • Google Cloud is continuously expanding its service for the benefit of the user.

Google Cloud FAQ

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform is a group of cloud computing services provided by Google that provides users with cloud computing resources for various tasks.

When was Google Cloud developed?

Google Cloud Platform was launched by the Google company on 7 April 2008.

What is the cost of Google Cloud?

Different prices have been set for each resource of Google Cloud, you have to pay only as much as the resource you will use.

What is an example of a cloud storage platform?

The best example of a cloud storage platform is Google Drive in which data is stored in the cloud. In Google Drive, the user gets 15 GB of free cloud space. For this, the user must have a Gmail ID.

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Conclusion: What is Google Cloud Platform in Hindi

In today’s article we have told you What is Google Cloud Platform, How it Works, Service of Google Cloud and Benefits of Google Cloud Complete information about it has been told in very simple words. We sincerely hope that after reading this article till the end, you must have understood Google cloud very well.

If you still have any questions regarding Google cloud, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment box, we will try to answer your questions soon. In this article, you get only this much in a new article till you keep reading Techshole blog.

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