What is Google Analytics? , Complete Guide on Google Analytics 2022!

What is Google Analytics? , Complete Guide on Google Analytics 2022!

Hello friends, welcome to meEarning from bloggingIn the series whose name is Google Analytics what happens ? , Complete Guide on Google Analytics 2022! In today’s blog, I am going to give you all kinds of information about Google Analytics.

As I had given complete information about Google Search Console in my previous blog, today I am going to give you information about Google Analytics.

If you have a website then you must know about GA. GA is a free tool made by Google itself, with the help of which you can do indepth analysis of your website.LIVE Can also track traffic.

So let’s start today’s blog whose name is “What is Google Analytics? , Complete Guide on Google Analytics 2022!,

What is Google Analytics? What is Google Analytics?

GA is Google’s only free tool that gives you the core details of your website. Provides you with information such as how much traffic has come to which of your pages, the location of the traffic coming to your website, how long did the traffic stay on your website, what is the bounce rate on your website, what is the average watchtime etc.

Simply put, GA is a free website tracking tool with the help of which you can track your website.

How to use Google Analytics? How to use GA?

as I have my Google Tag Manager I told you how you can connect your website to GA, so I will directly take you to the dashboard of Google Analytics in this blog –

This is the dashboard of Google Analytics in which you see the overall analytics of the website. As you can see in the given image. You are in Home section No. of users, can see Sessions, Bounce Rate and Session Duration.

On the dashboard of GA, you also get to know about Individual Page Traffic, Session Devices, Session Country and traffic source whether traffic is coming from social media or from external source!

google analytics home

On the dashboard of GA, you also see a lot of information that you either do not need now and or will never need.

You can create a custom report according to you in the Customization Panel, in which you can use only the information that you will need.

google analytics customization

Real-Time In the section you will find real time users and their location will also be known. This panel also tells you which page the visitor has been visiting along with real time users.

google analytics realtime

In the Audience panel, you get all the information from Lifetime audience to active users. In this panel, you see all the information about the traffic on the website graphically.

google analytics Audience

In the acquisition section of Google Analytics, you will get all the information related to conversions, top channels, new users. This panel gives you all the information about converted rates and converted users.

google analytics Acquisition

In the Behavior panel, you are told about the behavioral flow of the website. In-depth graphical information of Page View, Unique Page View, Average duration, bounce rate, session duration is available.

With this, you can manage everything on your site’s content, speed, search, events.

google analytics behavior

From this panel we can remove the conversion report but for that we have to enable this panel.

google analytics conversion

Benefits of Google Analytics | Benefits of Google Analytics

  • You can track traffic online.
  • You can understand the behavior of the users.
  • From offline to online tracking can be done.
  • Along with data reports, customizations can also be done.
  • You can improve online advertising.
  • You can improve SEO and Content Marketing.
  • Can track conversions.
  • You can find your target audience.
  • E-commerce performance can also be seen.

So here are all the things related to GA which will definitely work for you.


I hope you guys like my blogWhat is Google Analytics? , Complete Guide on Google Analytics 2022!“Surely you would understand. I will keep on bringing more such blogs like this complete guide. If you have any kind of question or suggestion, then do tell by writing in the comment section below.

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FAQ on Google Analytics

What are the 4 main reports in Google Analytics?

While you can use the data from Google Analytics in a myriad of ways, the four most useful reports for your content marketing are traffic, navigation summary, organic search traffic, and conversions.

What can’t be tracked in Google Analytics?

You cannot track individual users.

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