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What is Covid 19 AP strain, corona symptoms, remedy, 15 times more infectious [AP Strain in Hindi] (Covid 19, N440K, Corona, Symptoms, News, Vaccine, Kurnool, Treatment)

Friends, today we are going to give you a very important news, that news is related to Corona virus. Yes, let us tell you that Corona which has created havoc all over the country. She has now moved on to the next phase. Corona has once again entered India in one form or another. This new form of corona is more deadly than before. This new form of corona is being called ‘AP strain’, which is infecting people 15 times faster than the fruit. Here we are giving you information about what is this new strain of Corona and how dangerous is this strain. Read this article carefully till the end.

What is AP strain (AP Strain N440K)

A new variant of corona has been seen in India, which has been named AP strain by Indian scientists. This name has been given to it because it has been found in the state of Andhra Pradesh of our country. Scientists have named this variant N440K in their own language.

AP Strain Search

Talking about the discovery of this new strain of Corona, let us tell you that it has been discovered by research by the scientists of Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB). The most prevalent strain of corona virus in India these days is the double mutant virus. This virus is UK and South African strain.

Where was the AP strain variant found (AP Strain Kurnool)

According to a report, it has been learned that this new variant of Corona was found in a district of Andhra Pradesh named Kurnool. So far 5 patients of this new strain have been found in South India. This is a very dangerous variant. It has also been told in a report that many variants are tested in CCMB. Where it is seen that which variant is so dangerous. Scientists have collected samples from many places, out of which 50% have been found to have this new variant.

How dangerous is the AP strain

Scientists say that this new strain is 15 times more infectious than the current strain. In this strain, people are becoming very seriously ill in 3 to 4 days. It is infecting more and more people very fast.

AP strain variant infected person

According to media reports, it has been reported that this strain has been found in Andhra Pradesh but its patients are being seen in Telangana, Karnataka, and even Maharashtra. This has created fear among the people of the state.

Symptoms of AP strain

  • As scientists say that this strain is making a person very seriously ill in 3 to 4 days. That is, they get complaints of diseases like hypoxia or dyspnea.
  • Due to this, the breath does not reach the lungs of the person, due to which due to not getting oxygen on time, he cannot be treated and he dies immediately.
  • This new strain is also being seen in children. Which is also affecting them in a big way. Even scientists are saying that people who have better immunity and who are very fit. It can spread to those people too.

AP strain prevention measures (Treatment)

The most efficient way to avoid this new strain of Corona is to apply only a good mask, stay away from the crowd, clean hands thoroughly after touching anything and most importantly stay inside your house as far as possible. .

Keeping these measures in mind, this new strain can be avoided, scientists say that it is very important to avoid this strain and break its chain, otherwise it can be more deadly and frightening than the second wave of Corona.


Q: Is AP strain the third wave of corona virus?

Answer: It can be said so.

Q: What is N440K?

Answer: It is the AP strain that scientists have named N440K.

Q: Where has the AP strain spread in India?

Answer: Apart from Andhra Pradesh, its cases have been seen in Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Q: When is the corona virus expected to reach its peak?

Answer: None of this can be guessed. It just depends on the people how they can break its chain.

Q: How many cases of AP strain have been reported in India so far?

Answer: About 50 to 60 cases have been seen.

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