What is C Language and How to Learn – C Language in Hindi

C Language Kya hai In Hindi :- Interest of children in today’s era computer And Coding On the other hand, everyone wants to possess computer knowledge. Computer has become a very important part of human life in today’s time.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the most popular programming language of the computer, C-Language, because we know that you search engine Feather Knowledge of C Language have come searching, C language is a basic language that everyone can learn and others can learn it. programming language It is also easy to learn.

Through this article, we are going to give you a lot of information related to C language, so stay tuned to the end of the article and start this article. C Language what happens And how to learn C language for free.

What is C Language – What is C Language in Hindi

C Language It is the language of a computer. It is a General Purpose Language which is used to create many types of software, applications. It is one of the most popular and easy to learn computer language.

What is C Language and How to Learn C Language for Free - What is C Language in Hindi

C Language was created by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Dennis Ritchie wanted to create an operating system, named Unix Operating System, he developed the C language to create this operating system.

With the help of C programming, both low level and high level programming can be done. That’s why it is also called Mid Level Programming.

Basic features of all other programming languages ​​are covered in C language such as Data Type, Pointer, Loop, Function, Variable. That’s why it is also called Mother Language.

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History of C Language

C Language was created in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie in the bell laboratories of AT and T (American Telephone and Telegraph). Initially Dennis created C language to design Unix Operating System.

Earlier languages ​​like B, BPCL were used to write the operating system.

C language was created to overcome the problem in both these languages. C language in is a mixed form of both the languages.

The C language was not so popular and popular before, but when Dennis Ritchie together with Brian Kernighan published a book called The C Programming Language, then this language became more popular and it was also used in many things.

Uses of C Language

Since C Language is a General Purpose Language, it is used for many things, some of which we have told you below –

1 – In Operating System

Most use of C language Operating System is done to create. Operating System is a software, with the help of which all other applications run on the computer.

Operating System like – Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

2 – In Database Software

Database software those with the help of data The data management is made easy. Many types of database software are also created through C programming.

Database Software like – MySQL

3 – In making application software

Application Software C language is also used to make it. Many graphic applications, games are made in C language only.

4 – In Network Device

all Network There is a software in the device from which the network running in the device can be managed. C Programming is used to create many types of Network Device Management Software.

5- In Complier

Complier is a type of programming software that processes the instructions written in programming and converts them into machine language. C language is also used to make these compilers.

Structure of C – Language in Hindi

Before doing C programming, a flow chart has to be made. And in this chart a diagram of the basic structure of C language has to be made. Those basic things stay like this.

Comment Entry (comment entry)

There is something objective in all programming, with the help of which it is defined what the program is being written about.

Complier is not able to read this Comment Entry Only Programmer can read this Comment Entry. Comment Entry has nothing to do with Programming. Because it is only for defining the object by the programmer.

The header file is written in the head section of Programming. It is also called link section, like – stdio.h, dos.h, conio.h etc.

They are written like this in the head section. include , include

There are many functions used in programming in the link section.

Main Function

This is a very important part of C programming and it is necessary to have it in all C programming. Because the execution of the program also starts from Main Function ().

Variable Declaration

Variable is used in the middle of C programming. Input is taken from the user only by the use of Variable.

Executable Part

In the Executable part, there is that part of Programming which has to be executed.

Features of C Language

The following features of C language make it special –

Middle-Level Language

C Language is also used in Low Level Programming and also in High Level Programming, hence this language is also called Mid-Language.

Easy to Use

of C language command It is very easy for a programmer to read and code them. It is easy for the programmer to write the syntax of its code.

Procedural Language

C is a Procedural Language. In the Procedural Language, the instructions are followed in a sequential manner. In C language, more than one function exists to perform a particular task.

Fast Speed

C language is faster than an interpreter based programming language like Java, Python, because HTML, CSS, Java, Python There are more features in it, due to which their speed is low.

Statically Type Language

C is a Static Type Programming Language. In this the data type of the variable is checked at compile time. By which it is known at compile time itself that which type of data input is to be taken in which variable.

General-Purpose Language

C Language is a General Purpose Language, it is used to make many applications, software etc.

Portable Language

C language is a portable language, which means once a program is created in it, it can be operated in any other machine.

Easy to Learn

It is very easy to learn C language and after learning it, you can easily learn other programming languages ​​as well.

Advantages of Learning C Language in Hindi

C language is a General Purpose language, learning it can give you many benefits such as –

  • By learning C language, you can easily learn other programming languages ​​as well.
  • By learning C language, you can learn more about computer. software can create.
  • by C Language can create application,
  • It is an easy language that anyone can learn.

How to Learn C Language

The most important thing comes How to Learn C Language,

You can learn C language both online and offline. With continuous practice, you will be able to learn C language easily.

  • You C Language You can learn from Udemy’s course.
  • You can learn C language by watching videos in YouTube.
  • C You can learn the language by buying books from the market.
  • C Language learn You can join the Coaching Institute for this.

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Who created C language?

C language was created in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie in the bell laboratories of AT and T (American Telephone and Telegraph).

Why was C language created in the beginning?

Initially C language was created for Unix Operating System.

What is the name of the book of C language?

The name of the book of C language is The C Programming Language.

What is general purpose language?

General purpose language is the programming language that is used to create all types of applications and software.

What is Procedural Language?

Procedural Language is called that language in which instructions are followed step by step and they are executed.

Why was it named as C language?

Because all the ideas of C language were taken from the old computer programming language B, hence it was named C language.

Conclusion – What is C language in Hindi

Today’s article what is c language in Hindi We have provided you computer What is C Language? And shared all the information related to C language with you.

We have tried that every important information related to C language can be reached to you. I hope that you must have liked this article related to C language.

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