What is Application Server (Difference between Web Server and Application Server) in Hindi

What is the Application Server in Hindi: In today’s article we will tell you What is Application Server Will tell about. In this article you will get to know That’s how application servers work, what are the features of application servers, what are the advantages and disadvantages of application servers and how application servers are different from web servers.

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What is application server and difference between web server and application server in Hindi - Application server in hindi

What is Application Server

Applications Server This way computer Systems or programs are designed to install, operate and host applications. Application servers are very high power computer systems. Application servers provide application resources to users and web clients. application server HTTP protocol In addition, IIP also supports the RMI protocol.

Application server has two parts hardware or machine in which all the applications of any Data Store stays and another part Software Which provides the application on the request of the user or the client.

Definition of Application Server

Application servers are computers that are designed to provide application-related services (e.g. install, operate, host) applications for IT services, organizations, and end users.

How Application Server Works

When a client (eg browser) makes a request for the application, then first this request goes to the web server. Since the web server only serves the webpage, it forwards the request of the application to the application server.

your application server database and if that information resides in the database of the application server, then the application server takes the information and sends it back to the web server, and the web server forwards the information to the client.

Thus we can say that Application Servers extend the capability of the web server to handle web application requests.

Features of Application Server

Following are some of the salient features of Application Server –

  • application server HTTP and HTTPS Along with IIP, it also supports RMI protocol.
  • Application Server is developed on technologies like Servlet, JSP, JTA.
  • The application server can open or transmit both .war and .ear files.
  • The resource usage is high in the application server.

Example of Application Server

In today’s time, a large amount of application servers are used. Some of the major application servers are as follows –

  • JBoss
  • Weblogic
  • Glassfish
  • Tcat Server
  • Apache Geronimo
  • JRun
  • Oracle OC4J
  • SAP Netweaver AS

Difference between web server and application server

We have explained to you the difference between web server and application server in the table below.

Web server application server
Web servers support only HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Apart from HTTP and HTTPS, application servers also support IIP, RMI protocols.
Web servers store and provide static web content. application server Business Stores and provides Logic.
Web servers use fewer resources. Application servers use more business resources.
The web server transmits only files containing .war. The application server transmits both .war and .ear files.
The web server is used at a moderate level. Application servers are used extensively.
The web server is built on the basis of jee module’s service jsp technologies. The application server is built on the basis of servile, jsp, ejb, jta, java, or mail technologies.
difference between web server and application server

Advantages of Application Server

Following are some of the major advantages of Application Server –

  • Improves the performance of large-sized applications by using an application server, as it is based on a client-server model.
  • Application servers provide security to the application.
  • Application servers provide the facility of transactions.
  • It is very easy to install the application in one place.

Disadvantage of Application Server

Following are some disadvantages of application server.

  • The cost of application server is very high.
  • Application servers use more resources.
  • Maintaining the application server requires additional coding.

FAQ: Application Server

What is Application Server?

Application Servers are computer systems that provide the facilities to store, install, operate and host applications.

What are examples of application servers?

In today’s time there are many types of application servers such as – JBoss, Weblogic, JRun, Glassfish etc.

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