What is Analog Computer, Types and Examples (Analog Computer In Hindi)

What is Analog Computer in Hindi: depending on your system computer There are many types, among them there is also a type of computer analog computer, about which we will tell you in today’s article.

We use analog computer in our daily life, but even then very few people know what an analog computer is. That’s why we thought why not you should be provided complete information about it today.

In this article you will get to know that analog computer what Isanalog computer of history, analog computer Of type, analog computer Of Properties, analog computer Of Advantages And Harm what Huh, But to know all this you have to read the article till the end.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article What is analog computer in Hindi in detail.

What is analog computer and its types and examples (Analog Computer In Hindi)

What is Analog Computer (What is Analog Computer in Hindi)

Analog computers are computers that are used to measure physical quantities. Physical quantities like temperature, pressure, length, height etc.

This is the definition of analog computer, if understood in simple words, there are two types of signals in electronics, one is Analog Signal and the other is Digital Signal. Analog signals are signals whose frequency and amplitude are fixed, the computer used to measure these signals is called analog computer.

Analog computers are not used in offices or homes, they are mostly used in the field of medicine or science, such as thermometer, To show us the analog computer output analog signal make use of.

in analog computer memory Or there is no storage, that is, it does not store the previous data. Like if you measure fever with a thermometer, it measures the fever from the beginning on the basis of body temperature every time. Meaning that with the change in the input signal, the output of the analog computer also keeps on changing.

History of Analog Computer

The first analog computer was developed in 1876 by William Thomson which was used as a tide predictor.

The first known analog computer was the astrolabe, which was built in Greece. This instrument was used to predict the motion of the Sun, planets and stars. In today’s time, there are many types of advanced analog computers that can accurately calculate special types of quantities.

Types of Analog Computer in Hindi

There are mainly three types of analog computers. Let’s see who these are and what their work is.

  • electronic analog computer
  • mechanical analog computer
  • analog digital computer

1 – Electronic Analog Computer

This type of analog computer takes the input as an electric signal and then gives the output.

A good example of an electronic analog computer is a voltmeter, in which electricity goes as an input, which is an electronic signal, and then the voltmeter gives information about the voltage of the electricity that is coming.

picture of analog computer
picture of analog computer

2 – Mechanical Analog Computer

This type of analog computer receives the input in the form of mechanical quantity and then gives output based on that.

The best example of a mechanical analog computer is the speedometer which measures the speed of a moving vehicle. The speedometer takes the input in the form of speed of the wheels of the vehicle and based on that it tells the speed of the vehicle.

speedometer here Input taking as the speed of rotation of the wheels which is a mechanical quantity, and Output As tells the speed of the car.

3 – Analog Digital Computer

This type of analog computer takes the input in analog form and displays the output in digital form.

An example of an analog digital computer is a meter installed in a petrol pump, which takes input in the form of petrol and shows the output in digital form.

Example of Analog Computer

If we look around in our daily life, we will find many examples of analog computers, some of the main ones are as follows –

1 – Thermometer

Thermometer is a very good example of analog computer, it is used to measure fever. Body temperature is an analog signal, so a thermometer (analog computer) is used to measure it.

2 – Speedometer

Speedometer is a device by which the speed of a moving vehicle can be detected. The speedometer scale usually measures the speed of the vehicle in kilometers per hour.

3 – Seismometer

Seismometer is an analog computer used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. The Seismometer is kept close to the earth and when an earthquake occurs, the earth shakes, and then the Seismometer also vibrates. It records the earthquake waves on graph paper and later seismologists after studying and analyzing the Seismometer tell about the intensity of the earthquake.

4 – Analog Clock

Analog clock is a device used in daily life. This is also an example of an analog computer. You can hang them on the wall or wear them on hand.

5 – Voltmeter

Voltage is an analog signal as it changes continuously over time. A voltmeter is used to display the potential difference between two points in an electrical network.

Features of Analog Computer

There are many features of analog computer, some of which we have told you about the main features below.

  • Analog computers show Real Time Data. It takes only one input at a time and takes another input only after showing its output.
  • Analog computers are designed for a specific purpose, they are usually used to measure real world conditions like wind, sound, speed, temperature etc.
  • Analog computers are mostly electric or mechanical machines that can perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
  • Analog computers are different types of computers, which work only with numbers or quantities.
  • digital computer Compared to analog computers are cheaper.
  • in analog computer data The storage capacity is also very less.
  • Analog computers do not give accurate results as compared to digital computers.

Uses of Analog Computer in Hindi

Following are some of the major uses of analog computers –

  • Analog computers are widely used in the medical field.
  • Analog computers are used to perform various tasks in the field of science.
  • The meter installed in the petrol pump is also an analog computer.
  • Analog computer is used to measure electric current through voltmeter.
  • Analog computers are used to measure physical processes such as earthquakes, temperature.
  • Analog computers are also used in the form of speedometers to measure the speed of vehicles.

These are only a few uses of analog computers, apart from these, analog computers are used to perform different types of tasks.

Advantages of Analog Computer

Following are some advantages of analog computer –

  • Analog computers have high speed, they are capable of giving output in a very short time.
  • Analog computers show Real Time Data.
  • With the help of analog computer, you can do special types of important tasks.
  • Analog computers used in daily life are very cheap.
  • Analog computers show the results in a very simple way.

Disadvantage of Analog Computer in Hindi

  • Analog computers do not have much capacity to store data.
  • Analog computers have very little data storage capacity.
  • Analog computers are not able to show more accurate data.

FAQ: What is Analog Computer

What are analog computers?

Analog computers are computers that are used to measure analog signals.

What is the name of the first analog computer?

The world’s first known analog computer is the astrolabe which was built in Greece. It was used to measure the motion of the Sun, Moon and planets.

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