What is Amazon Prime and what are its benefits (Amazon Prime in Hindi)

If you have heard about Amazon, then you must have also heard about Amazon Prime at one time or another. Nowadays the word Amazon Prime is heard from many people, if you use Amazon or you know about it, then it is also very important for you to know that What is Amazon Prime? That’s why today we are going to tell you through this post. Full details of amazon prime the giver.

What is Amazon Prime,

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s Paid Membership Program Which gives many services related to entertainment and shopping to its users and in return it takes a fixed charge from the users of these services. People who take the service of Amazon Prime are called Prime members.

Amazon has launched the service of Amazon Prime membership in India only a few years ago, while in some countries like America, this service was launched much earlier. This is in the same way as you use Jio’s SIM on the basis of Monthly Charges and you are called a member of Jio.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership (Benefits In Hindi)

Amazon Prime membership is slowly becoming very popular in India, so your Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership Need to know about so let’s know What are the benefits of becoming a prime member ,

#1 Unlimited Free & Fast Delivery

Amazon Prime Membership makes delivery of parcels easy. When you buy anything from Amazon, you have to pay a fixed delivery charge, which is Rs 36 to 40, but if you have a Prime Membership of Amazon, then you will get free delivery, you will not have to pay that Delivery Charge.

Also free delivery and fast delivery will also be available, like if normally you want to order a product from Amazon quickly, then if you want any product in 1 day then you have to pay a charge of Rs 150 and if you want any product in 2 days. So a charge of Rs 120 has to be paid, but if you have a prime membership, you will not have to pay any charge for One Day Fast Delivery and Two Day Fast Delivery, you will get Free & Fast Delivery.

#2 Prime Video

Prime Video is the biggest benefit of Amazon Prime membership, Most of the people become Prime Member for Amazon Prime Video only. Prime Video is an OTT Platform, like โ€“ Netflix, Sony Liv and Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch different types of Movies, Shows and Web Series on Prime Video. You can access Prime Video by taking Amazon Prime Membership. You can access Prime Video both on the mobile app and on the web.

#3 Prime Music

Prime Music is Amazon’s music app in which you can listen to songs, but its advantage is Ad Free Music. Generally, you listen to songs on any music app, then after every other song you have to watch or listen to Advertise, but on Prime Music you can listen to Ad Free Music, no matter how many songs you listen, you will not have to see any ad and its Also, you can also download songs in Prime Music itself.

#4 Gaming With Prime (free game content)

With Amazon Prime membership, you can get free content from different games. Like sometimes you spend money for things like Outfits, Power-Ups, Exclusive Collectibles, Skins, Characters in games like BGMI but if you become a prime member then you don’t have money for the content of many such games. You will be able to access all this with Prime membership.

#5 Unlimited 5% Reward Points

If you have Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card then you get 2% reward points for shopping anything from Amazon (1 reward point equal to Re 1 ) but if you have Prime Membership of Amazon then you get anything shopping from Amazon On doing this, instead of 2%, you will get reward points of 5%. along with you No Cost EMI With Zero Down Payment You will also get the option of. For this you need to have a credit card of Amazon Pay.

#6 Prime Reading

With Prime Key Membership, you can also take the benefit of Prime Reading, under which you can read as many books and comics (e-Books) as you want, for this you will not have to pay any extra charge.

And you can also read these e-Books in Indian languages.

#7 Grab The Best Deals First (early access)

With a Prime membership, you can access New Deals on Amazon’s shopping app faster than a normal user. You can access the Lightning Deals coming every day on Amazon 30 minutes in advance and be the first to take advantage of the offers. Along with this, you can access Amazon’s big sale coming on different festivals 24 hours earlier than a non-Prime member and can take early benefit of Limited Deals and Offers.

#8 Prime Days

This is the most special benefit for Prime members. Every year Amazon brings Prime Days for Prime members, which are of 2 days, it falls between July and August. There is a huge sale on Prime Day only for the Prime members of Amazon, in which big discounts are available. Not only this, on the day of Prime Day, popular brands launch their new products on Amazon, which only Prime members can buy at a discounted price. (Prime Days in 2022 is on 23 and 24 July)

Amazon Prime Membership Prices And Plans (Prime Membership Coast)

After knowing the benefits of Amazon Prime membership, it is also important for you to know about the price of this membership, with the help of which you can find out whether it is for you. Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth It Or Not?

Plan Price
Monthly (1 month) Rs 179
Quarterly (3 Months) Rs 459
Yearly (1 year) Rs 1499

Should you buy Amazon Prime Membership or not?

If you are in confusion whether you should buy prime membership or not, then today we will clear your confusion. See, it depends on your interest and need, here we are telling you some situations so that you can decide whether you should Whether to become a Prime Member or not โ€“

  1. If you buy Fulfilled products of Amazon 20 to 30 times in a year then you can take Prime membership. Here Amazon’s Fulfilled Product means which Amazon has a fixed delivery charge and which comes from Amazon’s Warehouse. Because only in case of Fulfilled Product your delivery charges are free.
  2. If you like watching movies and series and you spend money for it every year, then you can think of taking this membership.

If you do any one of the two activities, then you should take prime membership because with them you are also getting other benefits which we have told you earlier.


Q. How to get Amazon Prime Membership?

You can buy membership by going to the Prime section of Amazon’s app.

Q. How much is Amazon Prime recharge?

You have the option of 3 plans โ€“
1499 recharge for 1 year
459 recharge for 3 months
179 recharge for 1 month

Q. Can I get Amazon Prime membership for free?

Amazon gives 1 month free Amazon Prime to its new user, you can check for eligibility by going to the Prime section in Amazon’s app.

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