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What is Gorilla Glass Victus, how many types are there, price, mobile, identity (Gorilla Glass kya hai In Hindi)) Types

All of you must have seen a kind of protecting glass on the mobile screen. This glass is placed over the screen, which protects the mobile screen. This glass is installed on mobile or any electronic item like laptop, tab. This glass acts as a protector, which protects against all kinds of damages, scratches. Gorilla Glass 7 Victus has now been launched in the world in July 2020 with a new feature, Gorilla Glass was very much liked by all, now with this new version more advanced features are also coming.

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Gorilla glass kya hai –

Gorilla Glass is mainly made for mobile phones, so far 6 variants have arrived, this is 7 which are newly launched. It takes at least 2.5 to 3 years for a new version of each glass to come out. During this, its in-depth investigation is done. What is new in Gorilla 7, how it works, what are its features, here we are going to give you complete information about it. Read the article carefully to know the details of Gorilla Glass.


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The first Gorilla Glass arrived



Samsung galaxy note 20

Gorilla Glass is a protective shield made by Corning Company. Gorilla Glass 7 has been named Victus, before that all glasses were given numeric names. The company says that people will have a great experience in the new Gorilla Glass Victus, here the company has done special work regarding durability and scratch proof on the screen.

How is Gorilla Glass 7 different from before?

Drop Survival rate –

Before launching Gorilla Glass 7, the company has thoroughly examined it, it has been tested in many stages. To test its durability in the company’s lab, it is tested for several months, so that it is tested in every way and it turns out to be good. The company wanted to make Gorilla Glass 7 in such a way that even if it falls from a great height, then there is no damage to its device. This test is called Drop Test. To do the drop test of Gorilla Glass 7, it was checked by falling from a height of 2 meters, during the test it was found that it is safe even after falling from such a height, no damage was done to the glass and the device. The Gorilla Glass Victus had a better Drop Survival rate than the earlier Gorilla Glass. When the earlier drop test of aluminosilicate glass was done, it was dropped from a height of 0.8 meters, even there these glasses could not bear it and broke completely.

Scratch Resistance –

When the Gorilla Glass Victus was tested for Scratch Resistance, it gave very good results. It has performed four times better than the earlier aluminosilicate glass.

Knoop Hardness Test ,

Through this test it is checked that how much weight or force can be placed on this glass. For this test, the company rubs the glass with a diamond, Knoop Hardness Test is done with the same amount of pressure exerted on the glass at the time of rubbing. The Gorilla Glass Victus has a load score of 8 Newton, while the other earlier variants were far behind. Could take only 2 to 4 loads.

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How is Gorilla Glass 7 scratch proof?

Gorilla Glass 7 has a more resistant capability than all its earlier glasses. The company said that it is completely scratch proof compared to the earlier glass. When the Knoop Hardness Test was done on Gorilla Glass, a diamond was rubbed on it, during which it was seen that despite such force, it showed very minor scratches. The team that made this glass has worked very hard to make it.

How Gorilla Glass 7 Was Made

Corning Company, which makes Gorilla Glass, did a survey, in which it wanted to know from the general public what other changes people want in the glass installed in their mobile, what do they expect from it. It was found in the survey that people want the most that their mobile screen should not get scratched, and even if they fall from a high height, their screen remains safe. Just then the company set its new goals, and started manufacturing such glass whose both Scratch Proof and Drop Survival rate are very good. The company has made it in Gorilla Glass 7 by working hard on both these things.

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In which mobile is Gorilla Glass 7 installed?

Announcing this new glass, Gorilla Glass 7 company Corning said that they have shared this glass with Samsung Mobile Company. You will get to see the experience of this new glass in Samsung Mobile New Series Galaxy Note 20. In the coming time, other big mobile company can also use this new glass. Due to the installation of this glass, the price of mobile can increase, so mobile companies will use it only after keeping all the things in mind.

History of Gorilla Glass –

  • Gorilla Glass first launched its first variant in 2008. By 2010, it was being used in about 20% of the world’s mobiles.
  • Gorilla Glass 2 was created in 2012, the Corning company reported that this glass is being used in about 1 billion mobile devices all over the world. Gorilla Glass 2 was 20% thinner than before.
  • Gorilla Glass 3 was manufactured in 2013, it was more scratch resistant than the previous version. The company had claimed that it was 40% more scratch resistant than before.
  • Gorilla Glass 4 was announced in late 2014. It was better than before, its ability to bear any kind of damage was greater than before.
  • Gorilla Glass 5 was announced in 2016, the company first used it in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • The Gorilla Glass SR+ was also made by the company, which was used in Samsung’s smartwatch in 2016.
  • Gorilla Glass 6, launched in 2019, was first used on Samsung’s Galaxy S10.
  • Right now the latest Gorilla Glass Victus has been launched from the company in July.

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Q: Which company’s mobile will come first with Gorilla Glass Victus?

Ans: Samsung

Q: Which mobile will use Gorilla Glass Victus?

Ans: Samsung galaxy note 20

Q: When did Gorilla Glass Company’s first glass come out?

Ans: 2008

Q: How many variants of Gorilla Glass have arrived so far?

Ans: 7

Q: What is the name of the company that makes Gorilla Glass?

Ans: Corning

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