Village of Dwarves: This is the strangest village in the world, everyone living here used to be a dwarf

Tehran: If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies, then you have probably seen ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. In this film, the protagonist accidentally reaches the island named Lilliput where people are very small in size. The height of the people here was at most 15 centimeters. But do you know that even in real life a village like Lilliput exists on our earth. Before this, if you are more surprised, then know that the people of this village were not 15 cm. Rather this village belonged to the dwarfs.

This village is in eastern Iran. Until about a century ago, some residents of the 1,500-year-old village of Makhunik, some 75 km west of the Afghan border, were only a meter tall, which was about 50 cm shorter than the average length at the time. In 2005, a mummy was found from here, whose length was only 25 cm. The discovery fueled the belief that 13 villages, including Makhunik, in a remote corner of Iran, were once a city of ancient dwarves.
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However, with regard to the mummy, the researchers concluded that this mummy was actually a premature baby, who died about 400 years ago. Along with this he also said that the previous generation of Makhunik residents were actually smaller than normal. Malnutrition must have been the biggest reason for the people of Makhunik not growing in height. Because it must have been difficult to raise animals in this dry region. Dates and only a few trees were found here.
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People of Makhunik are no longer dwarfs
The most important thing is that in Iran, where tea is given for hospitality, people did not drink tea in Makhunik. One person said about this that because opium addicts drink a lot of tea, so if someone was seen drinking tea, people used to think of him as an addict. In the middle of the 20th century, the construction of roads and vehicles brought the people of Makhunik to other parts of the food supply, including rice and chicken. Although the length of the 700-800 people living in Makhunik today is comparable to the average length.


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