UP Police adopted a unique style to spread awareness, the style went viral on social media

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New Delhi : The unique way of making people aware through social media is being liked by the people of UP Police. Change is the law of nature, this line has been proved right by the police of Uttar Pradesh, which sometimes gets fame due to its tough image of encounter and sometimes also puts a stain of infamy. According to the changing times and circumstances, khaki has also changed a lot in the methods of policing. In today’s time, there is a mobile phone in every hand and every person is present on social media, in such a situation, the UP Police has come up with a unique way to make the public aware so that people can be made aware in a fun way.

The Uttar Pradesh Police has saved many youths from committing suicide through social media. Also, there has been a record time response in all the messages received by tagging @112 on Twitter. UP Police has tied up with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help prevent crime through these platforms. Its results have also been excellent. At present, the UP Police has come up with a unique way to make the public aware, in which they are giving a message to the general public through the use of film songs or any famous film dialogues. Which people are also very fond of.

use of social media
State’s ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar says that changes must happen with time. Nowadays it is the age of social media, so the police is also using it to improve law and order. Through this we are also able to reach our point to more people. There are 24 lakh followers on the Twitter handle of UP Police @uppolice. Such film videos have been viewed millions of times.

Like the famous dialogue of Akshay Kumar’s film Bachchan Pandey, ‘It is necessary to maintain fear to maintain Bhaukaal’, UP Police replied that ‘Bhai or Godfather, Bhaukaal and fear to only law ka chalega’, in which he did the dialogue of the same film. There is an attempt to tell my point by editing, which people have also liked a lot.

Similarly, the famous dialogue of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ was ‘Ja Simran Ji Le Apni Zindagi’ which was used by the UP Police to educate people not to board a moving train to make people aware of what mistake Simran and Raj did. That, boarding a moving train can be fatal, ‘Simran must be alive to live life.’

Similarly, through the song ‘Jai-Veeru Ki Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge’, I have tried to tell that do not drive fast or else no one can save friendship from breaking.

‘Mamu has understood what, I am the UP Police’
‘Police sun ke mamu understood hai kya, UP police hai main’… made on the famous dialogue of the film Pushpa – The Rise, in which the message of sending Pushpa to jail has been given. Similarly, in the Road Safety Week, people have been made aware to wear helmets by writing ‘Jab We Helmet, Then We Are Safe’ on the poster of Shahid Kapoor’s film ‘Jab We Mat’.

Regarding women’s safety and molestation incidents, by writing Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate as Dare Not Molest, it has tried to send a message that if this happens, then no chocolate bar will only mean behind bars. Users are also very impressed by this creativity of the police. Millions of people have seen all the videos and this new style of UP Police is also being liked a lot. Everyone is praising this unique style.

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