Unique Business – People and FSSAI did not like this business idea of ​​the company.

In childhood, when there was a quarrel with someone, one side used to tell the other side that if he drank his mother’s milk, then he should show her hand. Apart from this, even today people celebrate the power of mother’s milk on many occasions.

Overall, mother’s milk is not considered less than any nectar. And science also believes that the strength and nutrition that is in mother’s milk cannot be received by the child from any other source.

But at present, due to premature delivery, there are many babies who are not able to get breast milk. That is to say that many mothers who give birth to a child prematurely, or due to many other complications, they lack milk. Due to which they are not able to feed their child with mother’s milk even if they want.

Keeping such children in mind, a Bangalore-based company started the business of selling mother’s milk by packing it in cans. But people did not like his business idea, due to which FSSAI also canceled the license of the company.

Neolacta Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is located in Bangalore

In today’s era, what can and cannot be sold is probably difficult. Perhaps no one can think that one day mother’s milk for her child will also be available in the market. Bangalore based company Neolacta Lifesciences Pvt Ltd did this, it became the only company not only in India but in Asia which started selling mother’s milk.

But social activists and people did not find the company’s business friendly to the society, so they lodged a strong objection to it. As a result, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license had to cancel.

Sale of mother’s milk is not allowed

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, citing the reason for the cancellation of the license, said that according to the rules, no one can sell mother’s milk in the market. This was the reason that FSSAI had canceled the license of the company. But after that when FSSAI inspected the company, it came to know that in 2021, the same company is continuing to sell mother’s milk under the name Narakshira after obtaining AYUSH license.

2016 The company was established in Bangalore

Neolacta Lifesciences Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 in Bangalore, this company originally licensed from FSSAI for dairy products. But when people later came to know that the company was collecting and packing milk from young mothers and selling them, the FSSAI license of the company was revoked.

But before the cancellation of the license, many eminent and people related to this field expressed surprise at the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India granting license for such business. People used to say that how can one sell mother’s milk as a dairy product.

Human milk banks also provide mother’s milk to children

According to one figure, there are more than 80 Human Milk Banks in India. Here the mother’s milk donated by the mothers is kept safe at low temperature, and provided to the needy when needed. As we have already told that it is not possible for every mother to be able to feed her baby after delivery.

Many mothers are unable to breastfeed their newborn due to labor complications or health complications. Mother’s milk is provided by Human Milk Bank for such children. As far as milk coming to Human Milk Bank is concerned, here young mothers donate milk, so that their milk can be useful for a child.

Although mother’s milk is also given free of cost to the poor and disabled people from Human Milk Bank. But those who are capable are charged Rs 100-150 for 50 ml of milk.

what is the cost of neolacta mother’s milk

According to the information, the company sells mother’s milk not only in liquid form but also in powder form. And the cost of 300 ml of Neolacta Frozen Breast Milk is around Rs.4500. And it is said that a healthy baby needs 150 ml of milk in a day, whereas a premature baby needs about 30 ml of milk daily.

If seen in this way, the price of this mother’s milk is beyond the reach of common people because only wealthy people can have the ability to feed mother’s milk of Rs 2250 per day. Although the company claims that it has so far benefited more than 51000 children in about 450 hospitals with the benefit of this product mother’s milk.

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