Uber: Uber cabs will no longer be canceled after booking! The driver will already see the final destination

Uber India said in a statement that it has been decided to inform drivers about the final destination in order to reduce the incidence of post-booking ride cancellations.

Uber: If you use Uber cabs to travel anywhere, then there is important news for you. Uber said on Thursday that now its drivers will be able to see the final destination of the passenger even before accepting the ride. Actually, it is often heard that the cab drivers cancel the ride after booking. The company has given this facility to the drivers only to reduce the incidents of ride cancellation after booking. The advantage of this will be that now the drivers can decide whether they want to go to the final destination or not before accepting the booking and can accept the ride on this basis. Uber hopes that this will reduce post-booking ride cancellations.

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That’s why the driver cancels the ride.

Let us tell you that till now the drivers of Uber were not able to get information about the final destination through the app. Because of this, many drivers refused to take the rider after accepting the booking. This has been causing a lot of problems to the riders as well. Uber India said in a statement that it has been decided to inform the drivers about the final destination in order to reduce the incidents of cancellation of rides after booking. Uber has taken this step based on the suggestions received from the recently constituted National Driver Advisory Council. The company had constituted this council in March 2022 to know the opinion of the drivers associated with the cab service.

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many decisions taken

Uber has announced a number of changes based on driver feedback and independent board recommendations that we’ve outlined here.

  • OTP-Based LoginUber has now introduced an OTP-based login to make it easier to do business on its platform. Under this, drivers will no longer need to remember passwords or other details. Drivers will now be able to easily log into the app without any hassle.
  • home button- Apart from this, Uber has also decided to give its auto and moto drivers a home button in its app, with the help of which they will be able to call for assistance when needed.
  • Uber will now send push notifications to passengers about waiting charges while booking trips.
  • Now Uber has started cashless operation at airports of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
  • Rent hike in cities: To compensate for the rising fuel prices, the fare has been increased by up to 15 percent. At the same time, drivers will have to pay long distance pick-up fees as compensation if they have to travel long distances to pick up passengers.

(Input- Express Mobility, PTI)


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