Two-thirds of parents are unaware of new age career options, finding it difficult to guide children!

Parenting: There has always been a generation between parents and children. But the distance that 21st century parents feel from their children has never been like this before. The biggest problem is regarding the career options of the growing children. Featured in The Guardian Report According to reports, when 18-year-old Leon Martin sought advice from his parents on how to make his dream of becoming a UX designer a reality, both the parents were stunned. Mother Anne said, “I didn’t know at all whether my son was talking about designing a dress, or computer programs or a brand new mountain bike?” Then when Leon told his mother that this work was about online design, the mother was shocked.

Leone’s mother says, ‘My job as a parent is to open doors for children so that they can achieve goals, but when I do not know what their ambition is, how can I understand. ,

Parents’ tension regarding children’s career
Anne is not such a single mother, a study conducted in England shows that more than two-thirds of parents of 11 to 18 year olds are unaware of their children’s career options. At the same time, more than 75% of parents feel that it is becoming impossible to give relevant career advice to children in the rapidly changing job market.

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what the experts say
According to Michelle Rea, who studied the parents of more than 2000 children in secondary school in England, “Parents’ attitudes and advice play a vital role in shaping and influencing a child’s education, career choices”. . They stick to what they know more about. But parents have to understand that things have changed a lot with time.

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The working world has changed
Shamajul Motin, an educational consultant, says, “Today many children want to become streamers, but parents tell them that if you keep playing computer games all day, how will you do a job? But they do not understand that children can make a lot of money by doing this work. If they come in the eyes of a big gaming company, then the company will also give them a job. The working world has changed and parents have to realize this.

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