Top Multibagger Stocks 2025

7 Top Multibagger Stocks for 2025 7 Top Multibagger Stocks for 2025

Today many people earn money in the share market and do good trading, but many people invest money in the share market, but they lose money because without thinking they invest money in the market and lose money. There are many types of shares of different sectors in the stock market.

Like there are some penny stocks, some large cap companies have big shares, so invest your investment in such a way that you get good returns and the stocks that give good returns are called Multibagger Stocks, these are the stocks that give good returns in a short time and Second, this stock has given good returns for some time, so if any person wants to invest money in the share market, then in this article we will tell you in detail about Top Multibagger Stocks for 2025!

Multibagger stocks for 2025

Deepak Nitrite

Deepak Nitrite is a well-known compounder in the stock market, which has delivered a revenue CAGR of 37.8% in FY17-22. Going forward, the company is expected to post topline growth of 29.2%, down slightly from the past but still impressive.

The company is a proven leader in R&D and is poised to launch new products as intermediaries in the pharma and agrochem sectors. It has already benefited immensely from the coronavirus outbreak. With the Covid effect almost over, the company is expected to grow further. The current P/E is 28 and the company is Ranked No. is on 3.

  • Day Limit = ₹1,962.25 – ₹1,999.95
  • Year Limit = ₹1,681.15 – ₹2,690.05
  • Market Cap= 270.83B INR
  • P/E ratio = 29.56
  • Dividend Yield = 0.35%
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

Exide Industries

Exide is a well-known name in the automotive industry and once had a monopoly in the OEM segment. It is the largest storage battery manufacturer in India and while the pandemic has had a huge impact on the company’s business, it is now recovering fast. It also diversified into life insurance business which was a non-core sector but sold the business to HDFC in 2022.

  • Day Limit = ₹177.35 – ₹182.25
  • Year Limit = ₹130.25 – ₹194.20
  • Market Cap= 151.26B INR
  • P/E ratio = 3.31
  • Dividend Yield = 1.12%
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

SoftTech Engineers

Established in 1996, this software company Softech caters to government and semi-government institutions through its products on e-governance and automation in architecture and engineering. It is involved in smart-city projects, national highways, municipal corporations, defence, agri- Designs and produces automation for irrigation and water works departments.

  • Day Limit = ₹143.05 – ₹157.00
  • Year Limit = ₹84.65 – ₹203.35
  • Market Cap= 1.45B INR
  • P/E ratio = 30.24
  • Dividend Yield = ,
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

Centum Electronics

It is a designer, manufacturer and exporter of electronic items, systems, modules and submodules. The company serves companies in various industry sectors such as communications, strategic electronics, medical industry and other industries. Centum produces tailor-made electronic designs for use in space, aerospace, defense, transportation, industrial and medical companies. Centum has a strong export market

And more than 75% of its revenue is received from foreign places. Currently its market is spread across North America, Europe and Asia. The company has high growth potential in that area.

  • Day Limit = ₹743.40 – ₹791.10
  • Year Limit = ₹390.00 – ₹791.10
  • Market Cap= 9.95B INR
  • P/E ratio = 83.03
  • Dividend Yield = 0.32%
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

Multibagger Penny Stocks for 2023

Vinati Organics

Vinati Organics is a specialty chemical company that manufactures products in Monomers, Polymers, Aromatics and few other core chemicals. It is a leading brand in some of the leading chemicals. It has technical know-how with IFP France, Saipem Italy and NCL (National Chemical Laboratories) Pune, which has enabled the company to be a leader in its field. To its credit, Vinati produces 99.97% pure chemical products.

The company operates on a cost plus model, which enables it to pass on the cost of raw material increases to its customers. This allows Viniti to maintain its margins and this is reflected in its better return ratios. ROCE is at 27%. The company is already among the multibaggers in the stock market and it is likely to continue its performance going forward.

  • Day Limit = ₹1,960.00 – ₹1,980.00
  • Year Limit = ₹1,674.20 – ₹2,377.00
  • Market Cap= 201.77B INR
  • P/E ratio = 50.24
  • Dividend Yield = 0.33%
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

Tiger Logistics (India)

Headquartered in Delhi, Tiger Logistics is a leading 3PL (Third-Party Logistics Player) brand in India. It has a wide network across India and has offices in major cities. It provides transportation services like customs clearing and forwarding, customs consultancy and international freight forwarding. The company has a large client base in India and abroad

Which has allowed its revenue to grow at a CAGR of 15.6% in the last 5 years. It is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in India, which is a solid reason to include it in the list of multibagger Indian stocks in 2025.

  • Day Limit = ₹416.00 – ₹437.00
  • Year Limit = ₹148.50 – ₹447.00
  • Market Cap= 4.61B INR
  • P/E ratio = 14.14
  • Dividend Yield = ,
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables is a subsidiary of Borosil – a reputed brand of exclusive glass item manufacturer in India. Borosil Renewables manufactures glass for solar panels. Currently it is the only company that manufactures solar glass panels in India. Solar Glass is a highly specialized glass

Which is in high demand all over the world. With the government focusing more and more on green energy, Borosil Renewables is bound to see higher demand for its products and the trend is already underway as reflected in the 19.3% CAGR over the last 5 years.

  • Day Limit = ₹505.20 – ₹521.00
  • Year Limit = ₹467.15 – ₹833.35
  • Market Cap= 58.98B INR
  • P/E ratio = 46.04
  • Dividend Yield = 46.04
  • Primary Exchange = NSE

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