Top Demat Accounts for Share Market (8 Best Demat & Trading Accounts)

There are many such companies in India that offer Trading Account and Demat Account provides facilities of

Top Demat Account in India

stock market In order to invest or trend, it is necessary that you have a better demat account, in which you have to –

  • Low Fees
  • Easy Process
  • Super Security
  • Strong Support
  • User Friendly Dashboard

etc. should be available.

Keeping all these things in mind, below is a list of some of the best Demat Accounts, out of which you can open any good Demat account. You can start investing in the share market.

MY Recommended The Best Demat Account Forever

Zerodha vs Upstox

See, if we talk about the best Demat Account, then here two accounts are the best –

  1. Zerodha And
  2. Upstox

If we talk about my personal experience, then I have been using Zerodha for almost 2 years and believe me – according to me, there can be no better demat account than this.

I have also tried many other Demat like Upstox and 5Paisa but both of them also lag behind Zerodha in one way or the other.

Therefore, based on my experience, the best if anyone has a demat account, then it is Zerodha.

And if you want to open your account in Zerodha, then you can open the account in just 15 minutes by visiting this link – open zerodha account

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#1 Zerodha

Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha Financial Service Company is India’s largest discount broking service provider.

If seen, Zerodha is the best platform from small to big investors –

Zerodha offers margin facility ranging from 4 to 10 times.
There is no charge of any kind on trade delivery in this.
There is also a 60 Day Challenge, which can be taken advantage of.
More than 15 lakh traders and investors are associated with Zerodha.
Zerodha website proves to be helpful even on low internet speed.
Brokerage Rate is also less than Per Transaction (0.01% or Rs 20).
everyday on average 10 more than a thousand crores Transactions take place on Zerodha.
It also has a Mobile App, with the help of which you will be able to trade easily.

Brokerage Fees

Delivery/Trading Charges
Trading Account Opening ₹ 0
Trading Account Maintenance ₹ 0
Demat Account Opening ₹ 300/-
Demat Account Maintenance ₹ 300/-
Equity Option ₹ 20 Per Trade
Equity Inter Trade & Futures ₹ 0
Actual Equity Delivery ₹ 0.01% of Value or 20 Per Trade Which is Lower

Zerodha Demat Account To open an account and know the complete process, go to the given link.

#2 Upstox

Upstox Demat Account

Open Free Demat

Upstox In the last few years, it has made its place in the market by giving excellent performance, that is why it is placed at number two after Zerodha.

Let’s see what it is like –

  • Upstox allows trading with very low cost.
  • There is a turnover of more than 5000 crores every day.
  • In this you can easily open an account easily within 1 to 2 days.
  • Talking about technology, Upstox is the best, which gives a good experience to a user.
  • Hold time of only 30 seconds has been kept in Customer Support. So that all the problems of the customer can be solved immediately.

Delivery/Trading Charges
Trading Account Opening ₹ 199
Trading Account Maintenance ₹ 0
Demat Account Opening ₹ 0/-
Demat Account Maintenance ₹ 150/-

Talking about brokerage Equity delivery is absolutely free and for intraday trading 0.01% or 20 per order whichever is less.

So overall this is also a good demat account, you can check your account by visiting the link given below. Demat account can be opened in Upstox.

#3 5Paisa

5Paisa Demat Account

  • To open Demat Account 5Paisa is also a good option.
  • It is different from everyone because it is very easy and low cost demat account.
  • In Five Paisa, you get the first 5 Transaction Free. And after this
  • 10 rupees per transaction is charged on every transaction, irrespective of the amount of your transaction.
  • There is no cost of account maintenance in the first year, it is absolutely free.
  • from the same account Mutual Fund You can also invest in it and can also buy insurance.
  • Also, it takes Rs 400/- for Account Maintenance for 2 years.
  • In this Demat Account can be started with Fees of only Rs.650/-.
  • It has two types of terminals which are convenient for different customers.

After brokerage, if there is any kind of transaction in 5Paisa, you can trade with ₹ 10 Per Transaction Fees.

Whereas in margin you get 15 times margin in Equity Intraday and 5 times in Equity Delivery. In all the remaining trades, you get a margin of up to 2 times.

If seen, this is a Demat Account giving very good services and very little transaction charge is charged in it as compared to any other Demat Account.

But its Customer Support and Dashboard is not so user friendly, that is why it has been placed at number 3.

If you want to open an account in 5Paise, then go to the link given above.

#4 Sharekhan

Sharekhan is established in February 2000 and its headquarter is located in Mumbai.

Today it has more than 2600 branches in 575 cities across India and handles more than 12 lakh customers with more than 4800 employees.

There are two types of accounts in Sharekhan –

1 Classic Account – This is an online trading account which is very useful for general investors and derivatives. and the other is

2 Trade Tiger Account – Mainly for those traders who actively do Daily Trading.

  • 0 rupees for opening a trading account.
  • Demat Account Opening Charges Rs.0 and Rs.
  • Annual Account Maintenance Expenses Rs 750 per annum.

  • Equity Futures 0.1%
  • Delivery 0.5% (minimum 10 paise/share)
  • 0.1% on intraday trading (minimum 5 paise/share)
  • Equity Options Rs.100 per lot and premium or 2.5% whichever is higher.

This is also a good demat but due to some drawbacks in it, it has been kept at number 4.

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#5 Angel Broking

Angel Broking is by far the oldest brokerage company in India – with its network branches in more than 900 cities in India.

Talking about today, this company alone is providing financial service to more than 10 lakh customers in broking. This is also a great company Allover, you can choose for yourself by looking at its Service and Charges –

Angel Broking

Angel Broking App

It also has a mobile app with the help of which you can easily track your portfolio by observing the current market conditions, prices and changes.

Angel Eye

It is a good platform to track and update information of portfolio in the market. It also provides all the information of Up to Date market and Live New.

Margin – Angel Broking offers margin facility up to 10 times the amount deposited by you.

Trading & Advice – You can start your trading via digital KYC within 1 hour and also you will be provided with free SMS advisory service for the first three months.

  • To Open Trading Account – Fee Rs.0/-
  • For Demat Account Opening – Fee Rs.0/-

Angel Classic 10,000 to 24,999 in trading – Rs 450 per annum.

Angel Broking Preferred

  1. There is no maintenance cost in the first 1 year on trading of Rs.25,000 to 49,999 in India and Rs.450 per year after that.
  2. And there will be no maintenance charges for trading 50,000 to 99,999 for the first 2 years and Rs 450 every year thereafter.
  3. Also in this Rs. For trading of 1 lakh or more – No AMC charges for the first 3 years and Rs 450 per annum thereafter.

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#6 Religare

Religare Securities Limited is a financial service group providing services to more than 8 lakh people on both online and offline platforms.

You can choose for yourself by looking at its charges and services –

  • In RSL you will be able to invest in Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Futures, Commodities and Mutual Funds etc. all through one account.
  • It provides you with a mobile trading platform, with the help of which you will be able to trade anytime and from anywhere.
  • And also provides you the facility of Historical Chart along with Intraday Reporting.

  • Trading Account Opening Charges Rs. 0
  • Demat Account Opening Charge Rs. 0
  • Demat Account Maintenance 1st Year Free (Rs. 500 Yearly)
  • Intraday Charges 0.05%
  • Delivery 0.50%

#7 Aditya Birla

You must have heard the name of Aditya Birla many times – this financial service company brings more benefits with very low charges.

In this the demat account expenses are also less and the margin is also manifold –

  • To open Demat Account Rs. 0 is charged.
  • Rs 450 annually for Demat Account Maintenance.
  • The charge for opening a trading account is Rs. 750 and
  • The charge of Trading Account Maintenance is also Rs. 0 Rs.

Margin Provided

  • 4x on Commodity.
  • 5x on Equity Delivery.
  • 15x on Equity Intraday.
  • 3x on Currency Futures.
  • There is 3x margin on Equity Futures.
  • Intraday Selected Nifty Script – 40 times

Top 10 Demat Account

open demat account online

#8 Kotak Securities

Kotak offers you a demat account that will allow you to easily invest in all equity, mutual funds and currency derivatives.

With this, the certificates of shares, bonds, securities, mutual funds and exchanges will be able to keep all the certificates in one place. This is a very useful and friendly Demat Account mainly for Traders and Investors.

< Kotak Demat Benefits

Kotak Securities provides 4 types of trading platforms to its investors as per their requirement.

  • Its share trading website which can be accessed from anywhere and investors can use it even with slow internet speed.
  • Kotak also provides a mobile app through which to execute trades, monitor portfolio, view streaming quotes and intradate charts.
  • It facilitates investors through more than 1400 branches.
  • Kotak offers many investment options. It also provides online chat facility to its customers along with the facilities of SMS alerts, market points, periodical reports etc.

  • Fees for opening Demat Account Rs.0.
  • Demat Account Maintenance Charge Rs 600 per annum.
  • The cost of opening a trading account is Rs. 750 and
  • Trading Account Maintenance Expenses Rs. 0 Rs.

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Can Online Demat Account be opened?

Yes, if your mobile number is linked with your Aadhar card then you can easily open a demat account online.

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