Top 10 Disadvantages of Bitcoin | Top Bitcoin disadvantages in hindi:2022

Friends, all of you know about Cryptocurrency, and if you do not know then you can visit our website. cryptocurrency You can know by going to this category.

if you too bitcoin If you want to know about and want to invest in bitcoin, before that you should disadvantages of bitcoin should know about so that in future you loss of bitcoin Didn’t have to take

There are many people who are ready to invest their money in Cryptocurrency without any knowledge. Which causes a loss of the amount invested by them in the future, so before investing in any sector, you should have complete knowledge of that sector.

So that you can avoid any kind of loss in future. In today’s article we will tell you disadvantages of bitcoin And how can bitcoin be seen in the future, what is its future going to be? You will get all such information in this article.

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Top 10 Disadvantages of Bitcoin-2022

Friends, Cryptocurrency is being seen as a very big market for investment in the future, due to which many people invest in it after knowing about Cryptocurrency.

Due to which they have to face small and big losses. Recently there has been a huge drop in cryptocurrency which can be seen as a very bad time for any cryptocurrency investor.

One such cryptocurrency is also Bitcoin, which has many disadvantages. If you are thinking of investing in bitcoin, then you should be fully aware of these disadvantages before investing. Following are some disadvantages about bitcoin. went:-

Disadvantage #1: Price Volatility

Friends, many things are talked about bitcoin, talk about its disadvantages that its biggest and first disadvantage is the volatility in its value. bitcoin one Decentralized Cryptocurrency Due to which there is no control of any institution or any country on it, nor is there any kind of stability in its value.

It can grow at any time and there is no limit to its increase and it can be very low anytime, there is no limit to its increase or decrease. It may be that the bitcoin which you have bought for ₹ 1000, in a few days its value may not even remain ₹ 10. Which we have seen in recent times, we have got to see the worst phase of almost all cryptocurrencies. Many cryptocurrencies have only about 5% to 10% of their value left.

Disadvantage #2: Black Market Activity

As we have told you that bitcoin is a decentralized currency and it is not owned by any institution or country, so black market activities in it also increase a lot. Any person can store this currency in any quantity and use it in any way in the black market.

Bitcoin Cypto But no action of any kind can be taken by the government. Bitcoin can also be used as black money in the future. Because of which bitcoin can be used for wrong purposes.

Disadvantage #3: Scams and Frauds

From the point of view of technology, understanding bitcoin is a very difficult task for any common citizen. And there are many duplicate coins in the market which look like bitcoin, due to which if you accidentally select any wrong coin and invest in it, then you can lose all your money in it.

You will find many fake websites on the internet that are selling bitcoins. Because of which bitcoins can also face problems like scams and frauds.

How to buy and sell bitcoin safely CoinSwitch App You can use .

Disadvantage #4: Cyber ​​Hacking

Friends, because bitcoin is a digital currency, it does not exist in any physical form, so there is always a risk of cyber hacking on bitcoin. Although hacking bitcoin is not that easy, it is quite secure.

But if your wallet is hacked in any way, then in one click all the bitcoins in your wallet will be transferred elsewhere and you cannot act on it at any level because it can be done by anyone. Neither the country or the institution has any right.

Disadvantage #5: No Bare Protection

If you invest in bitcoin after doing all kinds of research about bitcoin and make payment to buy bitcoin and if there is any problem while making payment and bitcoin is not received in your account then There is no reverse transaction facility of any kind.

However, this facility is provided through third party apps, in which many types of problems have to be faced by the customers.

Disadvantage #6: Loss of Wallet

Friends, suppose you have invested in bitcoin, after which you have kept your wallet in which you store your bitcoins. If you are logged out due to any reason or you get logged out due to any reason and you forget your password and user id, then you are not given any kind of wallet protection facility if once you enter the wallet ID password If you forget you can lose all your bitcoins forever.

Coinswitch Cuber in India, wazirx Like in the app we use on our mobile or Email Address So we get to see a little bit of security in this matter.

Disadvantage #7: Invalidity of Bitcoin

The biggest disadvantage of bitcoin as of now is that it is not being recognized everywhere, although it has been fully recognized in some countries, but there are still many countries that refuse to accept bitcoin as legal. have make.

In India also it has not been fully validated, just we get to see 30% tax on profits of all Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But it has not been accepted anywhere.

Disadvantage #8: Power Consumption

Friends there are some natural disadvantages of bitcoin as well as how to manage bitcoin. bitcoin mining for which computers and machines have to work day and night, so that Electricity is consumed in large quantities.

And this quantity is so high that it can give rise to a very big problem on a very large scale.

Disadvantage #9: Pollution Emissions

Bitcoin is mined to manage bitcoin, due to which it also generates pollution on a very large level, which is also a great harm to the environment of bitcoin.

Disadvantage #10: Technical Change

Friends, we all know that any crypto currency uses a kind of block chain technology, which makes it very important to change this technology every day.

Due to which such changes take a lot of time and during this time we get to see the downside and boom in Cryptocurrency. Which makes the market volatile to a great extent, which is a very risky time for the investors.

The future of bitcoin in 2023

Friends, if we talk about what the future of bitcoin is going to be in 2023, then you can guess from the fact that recently when some rules were made by the Indian government on bitcoin, the price of bitcoin has decreased by about 70%. It’s over.

Friends, by the way, making any guess about bitcoin or any crypto currency is a very difficult task because fluctuations can be seen in it at any time.

The price of any crypto currency can go up or down at any time. According to some facts, in 2023, bitcoin may still face a lot of difficulties and struggle to maintain its value.

It may be that in the coming time bitcoin will get the place of currency in any country but in recent times Bitcoin He is going through his toughest phase right now.

The future of bitcoin in 2025

Now let’s talk about what could be the future of bitcoin in the year 2025 or after.

Some experts believe that now bitcoin will not see the rapid growth that was seen from 2010 to 2020, the growth of bitcoin is now going to be gradual because the competition in the market has increased too much.

In today’s time there are more than 300 cryptocurrencies which are engaged in increasing their market. Because until the year 2020, there was very little cryptocurrency in the market that was being bought or sold at the international level, which saw a very rapid growth in bitcoin.

Now the tax on bitcoin has been implemented by the Government of India from 2022-2023, which can reduce the speed of crypto currency.

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Friends, in today’s article we have told you disadvantages of bitcoin have given you information about and About the future of bitcoin have also tried to give you information but It is absolutely impossible to say anything about the future of bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. This is just a guess which is being told by some experts.

It may be that in the coming times, Bitcoin will be seen from a different perspective. I hope that if you are going to invest in bitcoin, then invest keeping all these things in mind. If you liked this information, then do share it with your friends.

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