To increase respect, put a picture of 7 running horses in this direction of the house.


A person’s luck can shine by putting pictures of running horses.
You can put this picture in the south direction of your office.

Vastu Tips: Different descriptions are found in astrology and Vastu Shastra of the pictures posted in the house. There are some pictures which are considered prohibited to be placed in the house, but apart from this there are some pictures which can bring progress in a person’s life. In this sequence, you must have seen the picture of seven running horses in the house of many people. You would also want to know the reason behind this.

According to Vastu Shastra, as beautiful as the picture of running horses is in appearance, a person’s luck can shine equally by applying it. Astrology & Vastu Consultant Pandit Krishna Kant Sharma Telling us in which direction it is appropriate to put the picture of these 7 running horses.

What things should be taken care of?

According to Vastu Shastra, if you are putting this picture at your home, office or place of business, then you should keep in mind that all the seven horses are clearly visible in this picture. Apart from this, while putting this picture, keep in mind that the reins of these horses should not be tied. Horses should be seen in a happy and blissful posture.

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In which direction?

– It is believed that you can put this picture in your office or your place of business, but while placing this picture, it should be kept in mind that the seven running horses face inwards in your office.

Apart from this, you can put this picture in the south direction of your office.

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If you want to put the running picture of seven horses in your house, then it should be kept in mind that you should put it on the east side of your house. This picture can bring progress in your career. Along with this, the respect of a person also increases by putting this picture. If you want to put this picture in the hall of your house, then you can put it on the south wall.

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