To get money, hang horseshoe in this direction of the house.


Tie a black thread on the horseshoe and hang it in the east or north direction of your house.
Your financial condition will improve by applying horse shoe at home.

Remedy for Ghode Ki Naal: Many people must have seen a horseshoe fixed on the main door of their house. Many such measures have been told in Jyotish Shastra. Keeping those in the house brings blessings to the house. Horse’s shoe is one of these things, according to astrology, keeping a horse’s shoe in the house not only gives happiness and peace, but it can also remove the lack of money. But many of us do not know much about keeping Horseshoe at home. Then how to plant it at home?

telling us about it today Astrologer & Vastu Consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma In which direction and how you can put the horseshoe in your house.

How to apply horseshoe

If you can find the cord that has come off from the horse’s leg, then it is very good, but if you cannot find it, then you can get it made by a blacksmith. According to Pandit ji, to put the horseshoe in your house, you should wake up immediately and wash the horseshoe thoroughly with Ganges water.

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After this dry it in the sunlight. It is believed that by doing this, the horseshoe is filled with positive energy along with the rays of the sun. After this, take the horseshoe to the temple of your home and keep it in front of Goddess Lakshmi and worship Goddess Lakshmi with kumkum, rice and later the horseshoe. Now perform aarti of Mata Lakshmi and tell her your wishes.

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In which direction to put horseshoe

Tie a black thread on the horseshoe and hang it in the east or north direction of your house. By doing this your financial condition will improve and at the same time there will be happiness and peace in the house. Apart from this, if the main door of your house is in the east or south-east direction, then the horseshoe should not be installed in this direction at all. This shows its negative effects.

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