Tian Shan Avalanche: A horrific avalanche seen in Kyrgyzstan, British tourists buried alive in the snow, 8 million people have watched the video

Bishkek: A major avalanche has been seen in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. In this avalanche, 10 people including 9 British nationals got trapped. Everyone is safe though. Everyone went for a trekking trip. Harry Shimin, a member of this group, uploaded a video of this incident on Instagram, which is shocking. In the footage, snow is seen falling from a mountain and moving forward. It was rising as a death towards Shimin who was making the video, but during this time he covered himself.

The snow passed over Shimin. Along with posting the video, Shimin wrote, ‘I heard a sound of ice breaking behind me. I broke away from the group to take pictures of the snow. Because I got there a few minutes earlier, I knew where to get the shelter. I had a shelter nearby, but at the last second I ran towards the shelter. I knew that running towards the shelter during this time was a risky task. I also knew that I had taken a big risk. When the snow continued to fall, it was dark all around me, I thought I would die.

avoid getting buried in the snow
The Tian Shan Mountains mainly start from south-eastern Kyrgyzstan and extend to the north-eastern border of China. Shimin went on to say that he knew the rest of his group was close so he would be safe, he later noticed that he had not suffered any scratches, but was covered with powder of snow. He said that when the snow fell on me, I only heard the shouting of the people of my group.
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An American girl was also included in this group, who suffered a knee injury. At the same time, a man fell from his horse and got hurt. Shimin further wrote, ‘Our group was laughing and crying together. We were happy to be alive. Later we realized that we were very lucky. Had we continued on our trek for just five more minutes, this snow would have fallen on us. We would have no place to run away and everyone would have been killed.


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