This easy, very simple method will remove back pain and fatigue

Benefits of Halasana: Today we have brought the benefits of Halasana for you. Regular practice of Halasana can save you from many diseases. The special thing is that this posture is helpful in strengthening the body by making it flexible. During the practice of Halasana, the posture of the body becomes like a plough, according to which it is named.

what is halasana

Yoga experts say that Halasana is a moderate level of yoga, in which some changes can also be made as per the need. Halasana is such a yoga posture which not only strengthens the muscles of the body. Along with this, it also helps in keeping important organs like brain and eyes healthy.

How to do Halasana

Lie down on your back by spreading a mat or a carpet on a flat place.
After lying on the back, place both the hands on the mat.
Now slowly raise your legs up in a straight line.
Then take the back of your head with the help of the waist.
Take it behind the head till the feet touch the ground.
After this you stay in this posture according to your ability.
Then come to your normal position, do this yoga 5 times daily.

Precautions in the practice of Halasana

Start practicing it only under the supervision of a qualified yoga trainer.
People who have neck injury problem should not practice this.
High BP and asthma patients should also not practice this.

Benefits of Practicing Halasana

The mind gets peace.
It increases flexibility in the spine.
Helps to get rid of back pain.
Also helps to deal with stress and fatigue.
Helps in weight loss.
It massages the organs of the digestive system.
Controls sugar level.
The spine and shoulders get stretched.
It cures problems related to thyroid gland.

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