These small mistakes involved in food habit can make you ill

Diet that Weakens Health Changing lifestyle, lack of time, the habit of eating outside food, the habit of instant food many times become the reason for increasing our stress and anxiety. Wrong food and lifestyle affects us badly.

Most of the people give more importance to taste than health. This is the reason that people’s health is getting affected continuously. If this is not taken seriously, then its consequences can be dire in the future. Today we tell you about some such habits related to food, which we keep in our routine every day and these habits trouble us in many ways after a long time.

excessive salt intake

health line According to this, many people like to eat more salt. Despite having the right salt in the food, adding salt from above can be harmful for your body. Do you know that the amount of sodium in junk food like pizza, chips is high, due to which the veins of the body start shrinking. Therefore, reduce the intake of salt and junk food as much as possible.

eating too much sugar

Excess of sugar has a bad effect on our health. Due to excessive sugar consumption, most people struggle with other problems including obesity, diabetes and wrinkles. According to experts, you should not consume more than 1 teaspoon of sugar in a day. However, how much sugar will be right for you, take advice from the expert.

flour is harmful to the body

We eat many such things during the day which are made of maida like bread, pasta, noodles, biscuit, mathri etc. It is believed that all purpose flour gets deposited in the small intestine after going into the stomach. It is not easily digested, so stay away from it as much as possible.

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excessive use of caffeine

Be it office tension or household chores, many people try to stay active by drinking tea or coffee several times during the day. Coffee and tea contain high amounts of caffeine which affects our sleep. At the same time, due to lack of sleep, there can be dark circles and headache.

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