There will be an influx of devotees in Vishwanath Dham, this Sawan will break the old records; Why does Shiva like Sawan? Learn Secrets

Varanasi. Sawan has started from today. The country seems to be painted in Shiva-bhakti, while Kashi, the city of Shiva, has also drowned in enthusiasm and devotion. This time it is estimated that all the previous records will be broken in Sawan. According to one figure, lakhs of devotees are going to come to Vishwanath Darbar. In such a situation, special arrangements have been made for them.

This is the new Vishwanath Dham form. These days about one lakh devotees are coming to see this form, but now Sawan has started. The number of Baba’s devotees planting Hazari has also increased. In such a situation, according to the counting camera of the temple administration, in this Sawan, every day 2 to 3 lakh devotees and on Mondays this number can be from 5 to 6 lakhs. And if we talk about the whole month, then this number can reach above 60 lakhs. This time lakhs of devotees are going to reach the holy city of Varanasi to perform Jalabhishek of Baba in Sawan.

This is why Baba likes this one and a half months of Sawan.
If we talk about the month of Sawan, then why is it celebrated for one and a half months? Baba, why is he made happy by performing special Jalabhishek in this month, so according to the scriptures, when the poison came out during the churning of the ocean, Mahadev drank it. The poison stopped in Baba’s throat and in this way Baba Bholenath’s body turned black. After this the gods and goddesses performed Jalabhishek to give them peace. Since then the month of Sawan is celebrated and this is the reason that Baba Bholenath is also pleased by doing special Jalabhishek in this month.

Devotees will behold the supernatural shade of Vishwanath Dham
In the religious city of Varanasi, the enthusiasm of Sawan lasts throughout the month. Where devotees from far away come and fulfill their wish by offering water to Baba. This time, along with Baba’s darshan, devotees will also see the supernatural shade of Vishwanath Dham, which will be amazing and unimaginable. This is the reason that the number of devotees in this Sawan will be in lakhs in this city.

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