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Power of faith (Vishwaas ki Shakti) story in hindi It has been said that behind the success of a man, his faith has the biggest contribution. This is also true because around us there will be many examples of such successful people who have kissed the steps of success due to their faith and strong will. Here a character Rinku is being told who overcame his weakness with the power of his faith.

Power of faith story in hindi

The story of Rinku’s life is like this. During his schooling, Rinku lived with his family in a small town. He was not interested in studies. He was always a laggard in his class. With difficulty, he somehow passed and reached the next class. From school kids to the locality, people used to leave no stone unturned to make fun of Rinku. His parents were also saddened by Rinku’s weakness in studies. Rinku also used to feel sad about falling behind in studies, but even after trying, he did not feel like studying.

Saddened by the neglect and disdain from all sides, Rinku finally made up her mind to leave her studies. He was still in class 10th. Due to the condition of his studies, the hope of passing him in the board examination was almost negligible. Frustrated with his life, one day when Rinku was returning home from school, the story of Ramayana was happening at one place on the way. At that time, the storyteller was explaining the Lanka incident in a loud voice. Rinku lost in bad thoughts was disturbed by the powerful voice of the narrator. And he got hypnotized and went towards the story place. After reaching the place of narration, he made space and sat in the front row. The narrator smiled after seeing Rinku and continued his story. Rinku was listening to each and every word of the story with concentration. At this time the narrator was saying, “The problem was very serious. Laxman, Hanuman, Sugriva, Angad etc. all the warriors of Lord Ram’s army on the sea shore were immersed in serious thinking. It was known from Jatayu that Ravana had gone with Sita to his kingdom Lanka located across the raging sea in the south, but who would go to Lanka after crossing this huge sea? The problem was acute. Only then the peace there was disturbed by the voice of Sugriva. Sugriva told Lord Ram that there is such a divine power among us that can reach Lanka by crossing the ocean. Then to pacify the curiosity of Lord Rama, Sugriva looked towards Mahabali Hanuman. Hanuman ji got scared due to Sugriva’s signal. Sensing the confusion of Hanuman ji, Sugriva said – O son of wind! Perhaps you are not aware of your power. In childhood, considering the sun to be a fruit, you swallowed it hundreds of miles away in one jump, then what is the distance of Lanka? All you need is to awaken your faith. When you wake up your faith and make a determination in your mind, then power will automatically come in you. On the one hand Hanuman ji was surprised after listening to Sugriva, on the other hand his faith also awakened and he got ready to cross the ocean. The very next day, crossing the sea with full confidence, he left for Lanka. There were many difficulties on the way, yet they were successful in finding Mother Sita in Lanka by defeating all the difficulties.

There, Rinku, who was mesmerized listening to each and every word of the narrator, had taken a new birth. Until some time ago, Rinku whose eyes were showing feelings of despair, now there was a sparkle in her eyes. Enthusiasm and enthusiasm were starting to circulate in his body. As soon as the story was over, he quickly started towards home. He had found the key to success. He was thinking in his mind that when Hanuman ji had crossed the ocean by earning power with his faith, then what is the big obstacle in studies. From that very day Rinku took a vow that he would study a lot and would definitely achieve success. His hard work paid off. Rinku, the most lagging student in his class, topped the 10th board examination. After this Rinku did not look back and always came first in life. He also came first in the civil service examination and because of his self-confidence, he reached a high position by getting promoted in the government department as well.

Moral of the story

Rinku’s life is just an example to prove the power of faith. Behind every successful personality is the main contribution of that person’s faith and passion to do something. When there is communication of faith in a person, then power automatically starts being transmitted in him. Then when there is a communication of power i.e. energy in body and mind, then even difficult work becomes easy. This is the basic mantra of success in life.

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