The girl is happy with her husband… Pakistani expert stopped speaking after hearing such an argument on Kashmir

new Delhi: Ever since Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari abused Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this issue has dominated the news studios of both the countries. Meanwhile, a video has gone viral on social media in which a dashing journalist from Kashmir has stopped Pakistani experts from speaking with her arguments. The debate is very interesting. In the 2.20 minute video, the center of discussion is Kashmir. Pakistani guest Fakhar Yousafzai insists on a Pakistani platform that Kashmir is an issue, whatever we say. On this, Yana Mir made such an argument that her statement went viral in both the countries. This video is becoming very viral in India.

Is Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan?

Pakistani guests constantly try to say that Kashmir is a big issue between the two countries. Kashmiri journalist Yana Mir replies, ‘No, yaar…not an issue. Pakistan makes it an issue. Taking the debate forward, Fakhar says why it is not ended forever? Yana says – how will you do it? Fakhar says, ‘I feel that even India does not want this issue to end. If it is done, then how will we say bad things to each other? And perhaps Pakistan also wants the same. Anchor Arju Kazmi interrupts saying how to end the issue?

Fakhar questions whether Kashmir is the only disputed issue between two countries in the world. No, there are such big disputes all over the world and they have been resolved. We don’t even want to sit. India says that terrorism and talks cannot go together. Then Yana Mir tells them that you listen to me, I will give you a simple example.

smilingly told the truth
Yana Mir further said, ‘Suppose Fakhar sahab, you want a girl who is married to someone else. You will repeatedly go to the International Forum and say that she is not happy with her husband. Anchor and Pakistani guest start laughing out loud on this. Yana further said that the girl says that Fakhar Yousafzai, I am very happy with my husband. Still you reach the International Forum.

… and the matter reached PoK

Yana further said that imagine if Fakhar saheb goes to every international forum and speaks, no-no, the rights of that poor girl have been taken away. She was forced to marry. But she is saying everywhere that I am happy with my husband. Now tell me how will this dispute end? What will the husband say to her… Tell me? He will say that who is this hota. I will also bring his wife, so the issue of PoK has arisen. In such a situation, it should be understood that the boyfriend who is forcefully becoming a hero in between should stop first.

Retired Indian Army Colonel Honey Bakshi shared the video and wrote, what a great comparison. Indians have enjoyed a lot on his tweet. One wrote, Foreign Minister Jaishankar should show this video in the United Nations. Yana Mir is being praised a lot on social media.


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