The former king of Spain lost this case to his ex-girlfriend, know the whole matter?

Madrid, The former King of Spain arrived to appeal against the decision in court after losing a case in court after disputes with his ex-girlfriend. In fact, John Carlos, the King of Spain, was sued in court for personal harm by his ex-girlfriend Corinna zu Sion-Wittgenstein-Sion.

Carlos’s ex-girlfriend alleged that Carlos had spied on her and caused her great mental pain. At the same time, Corinna also accused Carlos of harassing her. However, 84-year-old Carlos had denied all the allegations in court.

Carlos will not get the right to defend from the English Court
Carlos’s lawyer argued in court that since Carlos came from a royal family, he should be exempted from the jurisdiction of the English Court. But Justice Niklin ignored this argument and said that the charges would be heard in the English Court.

Permission sought from the court against the decision
Juan Carlos’ lawyers on Monday asked two judges of the Court of Appeal to allow him to appeal the decision. Lord Justice Underhill and Lord Justice Peter Jackson allowed the appeal, but said the appeal should be heard soon.

who is juan carlos
Juan Carlos is associated with the royal family of Spain. He was elected to office as King of Spain in 1975. After 39 years, Carlos stepped down and placed his son Felipe VI on the throne.

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