The biggest ignorant is the one who considers himself to be wise – Deepawali

The biggest ignorant is the one who considers himself to be wise.

In the old times, pigeons used to lay eggs in the bushes, but those eggs were not safe, they were eaten by other creatures. Then the pigeons consulted the birds and advised them to build a nest. The pigeons urged the birds to teach them how to make nests.

The next day, the birds came to teach the pigeons how to make nests, they started making nests, within a short time the pigeons said – Oh this work is very easy, now we will make it. The birds were asked to go back. Then the pigeons started making nests but they could not. The pigeons again called the birds. The birds came and taught me to make a nest again, but had made only half that they stopped them again and said that they already know that they will make it now. The birds went back again. The pigeons tried again but could not make the nest.

The pigeons again went to the birds, but this time the birds refused to come and said, “No one can teach anything to the one who thinks he knows everything.”

The proud pigeons have not yet learned to build their nests.

Moral Of The Story:

In order to learn anything from anyone, it is necessary to eradicate the arrogance inside you. If you go to acquire knowledge by becoming a knowledgeable person, then you will not be able to learn anything.

“It is necessary to have enough space in the pitcher to fill water, if you put water in a full pitcher, it will fall out. ,

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